Madonna Fans Shouldn’t Be Bitter Anymore

Contributed anonymously:

I realize as a fan that I was gravely wrong in insulting Mariah Carey. We Madge fans shouldn’t bash Mariah anymore because it is pointless. Madonna has already been proclaimed the ‘Biggest Selling Female Artist’ in history & is currently the ‘2nd Biggest Selling Female Artist’ of the 21st Century (behind Britney). As a fan I am finally able to rest & be content that Madge has finally been recognized by the world as the ‘Most Successful Female Artist’ in history. In fairness I am fairly fond of Mariah Carey & I know she was truly successful in America.

I call on all fans to stop bickering against fans of other artists. We all know our lady Madonna is the ‘Eternal Queen of Pop’ & no on can ever take her place. I know it is hard to resist the temptation of firing back at some nasty fans of other artists (e.g. Lambs) but we mustn’t go down to their level. As a Madge supporter I have made a mistake of rudely bashing Mimi fans in the past & I’m regretting this. As a primary Madge fan I’m also appreciative of other artists like Britney, Christina, Janet, Whitney, Celine, & even Mimi…As stated earlier fans tend to unknowingly channel hatred towards artists because of the rude fans & not because of the artist per se.

The truth that is finally acknowledged by the IFPI as the No.1 female artist is vindicating. As a Madge fan my bitterness is over because I just love pop music… and all artists that contributed towards pop (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney, Janet, Mariah, Spice Girls etc.) deserve to be respected at least even if you don’t like them.

Illustrator’s Plight Draws Madonna’s Pity

February 22, 2006 – Madonna was “shocked” and “devastated” yesterday by The New York Daily News report about the vicious attack on her children’s book illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari – which left the artist in the hospital with multiple skull fractures, including a broken eye socket.

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