Madonna Hits The Clubs spoke with British producer Stuart Price (a.k.a. DJ Jacques Lu Cont) about his worth with on her forthcoming album ‘Confessions on a Dancefloor’, due November 15th. Price would test out the tracks they worked on during his club gigs. “Whenever I was DJ’ing, I’d take dub or instrumental versions out with me,” Price explained. “I had my camera with me, and the next day I’d tell Madonna, ‘This is what a thousand people in Liverpool looked like last night dancing to our song.’ You can work on a song for twelve hours, but I guarantee you’ll know within the first ten seconds of putting it on at a club whether it works or not. So these songs were tested on unwitting subjects throughout Europe.”

The article at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Hits The Clubs

  1. divinah says:

    I was reading a post in my “Open Letter to Madonna”…’, ‘Somebody said there that he/she is impressed at the amount of press Madonna has been getting lately. For me, it’s sad. Her fans are content with that??? Yeah, there’s press — too much in fact. But NO hits. NO actual accomplishment. All words. The last time the poor old woman hasn’t got a hit since the late 80’s.

    correction: The poor old woman hasn’t got a hit since the late 80’s

  2. astrange1 says:

    You’re still wrong. Of course, a paranoid schizophrenic like yourself probably doesn’t care about reality. Whenever I read one of your posts, I’m have to quote a one-liner once uttered by the TV character Frasier: “What color is the sky in your world?” For those who keep a watch on reality, you can go here: P.S.: Since you are correcting your grammar, you might want to note for the future that the phrase should be “hasn’t had a hit” not “hasn’t got a hit.” You would at least then be grammatically correct even though still factually off base.

    Of course, wouldn’t Mariah have been in the same postion a few months back? She was getting lots of press prior to the release of “It’s Like That” and Mimi but no hits. The reason is the same for Madonna now as Mariah then: It’s hard to have a hit when you haven’t released anything yet. Not that facts have ever stopped you before. Have you been forgetting to take your meds lately?

    I noticed in a rely to your open letter, you mentioned Madonna “hasn’t got a hit since 1995” (sic). Apparently where you live, 1995 was part of the late 80s. Now I’m really curious – what color is the sky in your world? And did Lewis Carroll ever visit there?

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    That’s pretty smart actually. He did a fantastic job on the reinvention tour and I cant wait to hear whats next.

  4. divinah says:

    no, not really. MC already has 15 #1’s prior to “Mimi”

  5. astrange1 says:

    Both of them had tons of hits before…’, ‘The point you had originally made (do you remember what you say from minute to minute? do you really think 1995 is part of the late 80s?) was that Madonna had not been successful recently and she was getting all this press. Well the same was true of Mariah prior to Mimi? What color is the sky in your world?

    Being a fan of a musician has stopped being about their music and now is about the fan needing to defend his/her idol like drunken football fans (of either football on either side of the Atlantic). If someone says something negative about your fave, these idiots get more upset than if someone had said something negative about their mothers. They care because if Madonna’s album is successful, they fear she will get the press’ attention. God forbid someone else get attention. Unfortunately, if Madonna makes a great album and is successful and then, say, Janet Jackson gets ready to release something new, a contingent of psychotic Madonna fans will descend upon popdirt and this nonsense will start all over again. Same sh*t, different singers.

  6. AllAboutTheMusic says:

    divinah, you must work for Mariah or this site, or you can not have a life at all.’, ‘Your always first to post a bash on anything that comes up about Madonna. What can you get out of this unless your on her payroll? Something is not right with you. Your really making people who read this mess take sides between these two artists. When 99% of them started out liking both. I was not into either.. and be damned if you did not irrate me enough to not only listen to both of there music, but actually buy 3 Madonna CD’s cause I actually ended up liking them… Your costing me money D..

    I have never heard any thing from Price, I loved Music that Mirwais helped her with.’, ‘Just because Madonna is brave enough to take major chances and work with new and fresh people makes her innovative not stupid. And I don’t see how its hurt her with most of everything off the last CD doing very well on the sales chart, and many other charts. Madonna has never been huge in airplay–because what she does is not cookie cutter main stream music. She still does very well where it counts sales.

  7. KAustin says:

    yeah thanks to her label and her X-CEO hubby paying radio good money to get her great’, ‘airplay. I must admit Mariah was smart by marrying the old man. And she learned a great deal by him. Its a great accomplishment to learn how to manipulate and inflate your status the way she has. To bad Warners to cheap to do the same for Madonna. Guess she has to continue making her own way as she has always done. Its a harder road but it must be fulfilling to her or she would have ditched Warner years ago. Oh I recall why she stays with Warner, instead of them spending big money to promote her, she gets the biggest royalty rate of any artist and promotes herself. May not be as effective as Mariah’s way but it does boost her bank account more in the long run. No wonder Forbes called her the smartest business woman in America. But in the end there both smart woman. Both roads, even though there different have made them both rich and successful. And they have fans like us to fight over who is best. Why it should matter since we are not getting any money is besides me. Guess its fun to bitc@ about it. They get richer , we get poorer supporting them LOL.

    The Rollingstone article sounds very interesting. Sounds like Madonna is going to’, ‘have yet another ground breaking sound to add to her already impressive list of risk taking. I hope is pays off for her. Usually her dance inspired albums always far the best.

  8. astrange1 says:

    But this is the world most people occupy…’, ‘LOL. In Divanah’s world, Madonna doesn’t have any of these hits. Her last one, according to one of her replies in the open letter post was in 1995 which, according to her reply here, was in the late 1980s in her world. I guess the space time continuum is rather warped in Diviinah’s world. What color do you think the sky is there?

  9. TiggerBoi26 says:

    If just the instrumental versions get a club hopping, this album should be great.’, ‘It takes a really good song with a great beat to get anyone around here on the dance floor. Hopefully Maddy has another #1 album under her belt this November.

  10. AllAboutTheMusic says:

    Not at all true. Mariah does not even come close to Madonna but on 1 chart and that’, ‘is ONE chart in the US, and that is with Radio play giving her the advantage. And we all know how she got that one don’t we? And its a fact that if Madonna released several other songs as actual singles she would easily be ahead. Madonna does not do actual singles in favor of Maxi-Singles. Sales wise she does great even without one.

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