Madonna H&M Ad Images

and her ‘Confessions Tour’ entourage are the new spokesmodels for world wide clothing retailer H&M. Check out the first photos of the campaign at

Is Madonna’s Disco Ball Inspired By Kabbalah Aliens?

July 5, 2006 – Alien expert Mike Luckman tells The New York Daily News reports he believes the disco ball in which descends to the stage in her Confessions tour was inspired by a holy Kabbalah spaceship. “One of Kabbalah’s cornerstones is the Bible’s book of the prophet Ezekiel and his vision of a chariot with spinning wheels in the sky – a flying saucer – that landed by the Jordan River and communicated with him,” said Luckman, author of ‘Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection’.

The Truth Behind Madonna’s Crucifix Stunt

July 4, 2006 – Recently Madonna’s Crucifix stunt while performing her number 1 hit ‘Live To Tell’ has created a huge amount of controversy around the world. Many people just think she is just try to shock for shocks sake. However, that is not her intention. is trying to create awareness to a charity that is close to her heart. To find out what its all about and to watch her ‘Live To Tell’ performance please visit

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4 thoughts on “Madonna H&M Ad Images

  1. Lava33 says:

    I still think Madonna being the spokesperson for H&M is the worse idea this company ever had. H&M is for YOUNG people in their teens and 20’s, this would have been a good idea in the 80’s, but how do they think a 47 year old woman who is married w/kids can relate to teens? Bad bad idea

  2. Shaniqua says:

    When will companies realize that Vadge no longer sells. I mean the only people I’ve seen lately who have gotten excited over her CDs and tour were hardcore flaming queens. I don’t know any young adults or teens who like any of her new stuff, just her old 80’s music. Vadge should retire.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    I can relate with the fact that Madonna is a woman in her 40’s and that H&M’s target audience is in their early 20’s but that’s why she has the whole entourage along with her. Her dancers for the most part are in their 20-30’s. Some people on this site just don’t get it.. obviously they wouldn’t hire somebody if they thought that it wouldn’t sell. I mean we are talking about advertising executives and though a lot of people on this site think their input is important.. let me tell you it is not. She looks beautiful and I am sure the pictures were airbrushed…. most photographs are.

  4. KAustin says:

    But what the he11, you idiots can’t read anyways. 1.) H&M made a smart move they already have made there money back in the millions of free press they have already received. 2.) Plus now millions of people who had no clue what H&M is, now know. They have just got global awareness by signing Madonna. 3.) Madonna appeals to every age bracket, proof is on MTV, the clubs, and the concert tour itself.. 4.) She looks great in the ads ans on tour , why don’t you liars get a life and stop being so dam@ envious of Madonna its getting tired.

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