Madonna Inspires Tyra Banks To Take Up Yoga reports that Tyra Banks says she’s eager to get herself in a shape for her new year’s resolution by taking up yoga, inspired by 47-year-old Madonna. “I’ve never done (yoga), and I’m nervous about it,” Banks said. “It’s literally hard for me to touch my toes, and then I see Madonna. She’s almost 50 years old and that body? I have cellulite – I’m 32. She’s 50 and has muscles. Something’s wrong here.”

Madonna Receives Fashion Flack From Her Daughter

December 16, 2005 – Madonna tells The Sun that her daughter Lourdes isn’t impressed with mom’s fashion sense. “If I pick her up from school she instructs me to dress normally. She goes, ‘no tracksuits please,'” the Material Girl revealed. “My daughter has a new routine too… she goes, ‘Why can’t you just be like normal mothers?'”

Madonna Visits Radio 1

December 15, 2005 – Radio 1’s Jo Whiley invited Madonna to co-host her radio program on Wednesday (December 14). Jo had a trivia contest for fans who rung in to see who was the biggest Madonna fan. Madonna discussed her feelings toward her new album, made a playful joke about Mariah Carey, talked about her documentary, plus much more. Audio from has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Inspires Tyra Banks To Take Up Yoga

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    Madonna has one of the most toned bods out there… but that is just her she pushes herself physically so that she can stay at the top of her game. Though I don’t see what Tyra is talking about… she is gorgeous

  2. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Tyra looks good already…better than Madonna. Madonna has one of the most overtoned bodies. There’s nothing feminine about her appearance, no curves, shape, nothing. Just muscle. Is she taking testosterone? I mean seriously, 50 year old women who stay in shape look good without looking manly.

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