Madonna Introduces New Children’s Book

KTLA had a video clip, since removed, highlighting coming out with a new children’s book, ‘The English Roses’, which hit stores in over 100 countries. Madonna was in London and talked about what kind of role model she wanted to be and why she decided to put out a children’s book.

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4 thoughts on “Madonna Introduces New Children’s Book

  1. bluerose88 says:

    How could she be a role model when she was kissing 2 girls on stage and doing disgusting things when she was younger. But she’s famous of course she is gonna sell millions of books by Madonna.

  2. faust says:

    I bet she wrote about her favorite sexual positions

  3. tena says:

    I agree about the kissing. But, about things when she did when she was younger-well, lot’s of good people do things they’re not proud of. And I personally didn’t like the disgusting things, but, she might have something to say.

    I didn’t think that near masturbation on stage was all that great. From what I saw in the doors movie, I didn’t think it was great what jim morrison did either (he actually did it.). And the sex book was a bit much. But, whatever she did in the past is past, and short of murder or rape, it’s forgivable. I thinks sad when some of the people (few) gave her book a bad review based on a long paragraph of her past. Mary Magdalane wasn’t saint either in the beginng from what I know of the story.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah I understand what ya mean about the kissing thing…but what she did back then like years back shouldn’t be recognized as a disgusting thing, since after all, she WAS expressing sexuality and the advantages and disadvantages of being a women in a positive light, and having a message with every music video and song, so it wasn’t like she doing “disgusting” things in vain or without a least bit expression of maturity involved. Plus, there’s nothing much she can do about the past, I am sure she has no regrets of it. Madonna has matured greatly, I think nowadays she’s more powerful and a greater role model than Britney and Christina both…and as always, whether doing something disgusting or bad, she still has something to say.

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