Madonna Is Just Like Any Other Attention Wanting Popstar Now

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Wow, what has happened Madonna? She used to be so outgoing, not caring what anyone thinks, now she is just trying to fit in to sell records. After hearing the clip of “Hung Up”, I thought that this as just a regular pop song with mediocre vocals, like Britney Spears. Why is doing this? This is just boring and quite frankly terrible. Also, she just wants all the attention she can get by leaking the song early and putting it all over TV to try to get people to hear it and get sucked into buying it. Wow, even the queen of pop can’t even stay herself and not care how much she sells. And really Madonna, all the radio is in 2005 is Hip Hop and Rap, so she should be herself instead of fitting into a certain type of group, which went out years ago. I guess Madonna’s latest music can just fade into history, and back into the 1990’s where they stuff she is trying to do to sell was popular. I hope we see better out of Madonna when we hear more of this album.

Guy Ritchie’s Snoring Issues

September 9, 2005 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Guy Ritchie is admitting his snoring gets in the way of sharing a bed with wife Madonna. “She doesn’t seem to like my snoring, so she boots me out of bed,” Ritchie revealed. “It’s quite funny. We’ve got four houses, but in every one of them I end up sleeping in the cleaning cupboard or the corridors because all the other bedrooms are being used.”

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Is Just Like Any Other Attention Wanting Popstar Now

  1. RPL10991 says:

    Well after many flops, she must be desperate!!! Yes, the song is *****! We will have to wait and see how “Confession of an Old Hag” will do.

  2. Caramel23 says:

    Madonna old ass just needs to retire how old is she anyway what 65? lmao

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    Ok…this made no sense!’, ‘”all the radio is in 2005 is hip hop and rap, so she should be herself instead of fitting into a certain group” ?!?!? Madonna = dance, her new album is “dance music” but she isn’t being true to herself or her fans? ok.

  4. ihateoreilly says:

    typical Madonna critic…bringing up “age” cause they don’t have anything else to criticize her for.

    Yeah..I want the Madonna of the 1990s know, the one that posed nude in a book and made a fool out of herself on David Letterman’s show. Of course, back then, everybody was saying, “I want the Madonna of the 1980s” back. People will criticize Madonna just for the sake of criticizing her. She can do no right in some people’s eyes. While I agree that her music hasn’t been as good as it has in previous years, I saw a glimmer of hope in “Hung Up.” I haven’t heard the whole song, but what I heard of it was electrifying. It’s no brainer pop, something Madonna hasn’t done in a while because she has been too busy taking herself too seriously.

  5. AllAboutTheMusic says:

    I hope Madonna stays away from hip hop I am so damn tired of hearing it. Yeah it was’, ‘cool at first but now its getting tired. I think Madonna is doing what she likes, there is nothing wrong with that. She is doing what she does best, taking a chance. The CD will sell, it will make money, it may not get airplay in the USA, because its not a rap album–which they all sound the same anymore. But at least its something her fans will like, and something they have been wanting for years, most of her fans loved her best in the 80’s and it sounds like she is giving them what they want. GOOD for her. Regardless I like Hung Up, at least what I have heard of it. And I’ll buy it. So 1 is sold regardless.

  6. Caramel23 says:

    save the Madonna essays we do not care about how much you like Madonna or if you’re gonna buy her album the point of all these comments is that she sucks now and she needs to sit her old tired self down somewhere.lmao

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Well, if you don’t like the new single, then don’t listen to it. It’s not meant to be liked by everybody. And c’mon lets get real here, all artists want attention when they’re about to release a new single or album, so why is that a shock to you? And you can’t expect Madonna to be doing the same music that she was doing in the 90’s, just let her do her thing. And if you don’t like it, then just don’t listen to her latest music or buy the album, it’s that simple.

  8. eminemsgayluvr says:

    I hate to say it, but it sucks…..’, ‘It sounds like the same Euro/techno stuff from her last two albums….boring. Ray of Light was brilliant but it should have stopped there. I think Madonna is a brilliant artist and no one can take away what she has accomplished but like Eminem once said “nobody listens to techno”. Ugh its bad and the amplified vocals make it even worse. I was thrilled when I heard it was going to be dance music, but I think she’s stuck in her claustrophobic, European castle and environment. She needs to come back to the States and return to her Black roots and see whats happening on the streets/clubs etc. like she used to do so brilliantly. Does she even go out in England? The European/electronic sound also lacks the great intimacy of her early classic dance singles like Into the Groove, Vogue, Holiday etc. that made Madonna songs so fun. She should have learned from the last to albums! We want to feel like we’re in the club with her not like she’s speaking to us through a box. Bummer, but hopefully the rest of album is better.

  9. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I think we all have to face the fact that Madonna’s days of good music are over. I actually thought her 80’s music was great and some of her “Bedtime Stories” album from 1994 I think is her best album- not one bad song off of it. It was after that album that she went downhill. It was when she started doing all of this boring electronica shyt that she started to suck. Now, I like a lot of euro-pop music, but she’s been doing this electronica shyt since 1998. For someone who once said she doesn’t like to repeat herself, she sure is doing a lot of it. I honestly listened to her new song “Hung Up” with an open mind hoping it would be good, but it truly does suck. And that Abba sample in it is terrible and makes the song sound out of date. And most people release the best song from the album as the first single, so if this is the first single and supposedly the best song, then this album will flop. The song sounds very plain, very Kylie Minogue, who I also think sucks. But Kylie’s music does very well in the UK, so maybe “Confessions of an old Hag” will do well in the UK at least. But in America, it will flop.

  10. ihateoreilly says:

    Have we heard the FULL song yet? NO! Well, I suppose some of us would like Madonna better if she inserted rappers in every other song and hired the hottest hip-hop producers. Perhaps, she could even wear skimpy teenage outfits and look like a stuffed sausage.

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