Madonna Likes To Collect Drugs, But Not Ingest Them

Madonna’s lack of interest in drugs has been a big key to her continued success. The singer told Rolling Stone: “I just like the idea of pills. I like to collect them but not actually take them. When I fell off my horse, I got tons of stuff: Demerol and Vicodin and Xanax and Valium and OxyContin, which is supposed to be like heroin. And I’m quite scared to take them. I’m a control freak.” An excerpt of Rolling Stone’s cover story at has since been removed.

Madonna Brings In Own Lights For ‘Parkinson’ Appearance

November 15, 2005 – When Madonna appeared on a recent episode of ‘Parkinson’, Ann Montini of Sky News reports that the singer was an hour late for taping the appearance as she had her own lights installed to make her look better. Madge was pleased enough with the results that she’ll be on the show again soon, this time joined by hubby Guy Ritchie.

Madonna Promises A Totally Live Show

November 14, 2005 – The Times of London reports that Madonna hopes to silence skeptics by singing entirely live on Tuesday night at Koko club in London and without the benefit of background vocalists. Barbara Charone, her spokeswoman, said: “Madonna will be singing live at Koko and performing with a live band. The claim that she lip-synchs was always wrong.” The story at has since been archived.

Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ Tops UK Singles Chart

November 14, 2005 – Madonna recorded her 11th UK number one in the music charts on Sunday with her new single ‘Hung Up’. The Material Girl knocked Westlife into second place with their ballad ‘You Raise Me Up’ which had previously spent two weeks in the top spot. Meanwhile, former Blue star Simon Webbe debuted at #4 with ‘No Worries’ and Bananarama’s ‘Look On The Floor’ debuted at #26.

Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ Debuts At #1 In Australia

November 13, 2005 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: Madonna scores her 10th #1 in Australia, the most chart toppers for a female. She debuted at #1 on the Australia Aria singles and dance charts. ‘Hung Up’ is certified gold for sales of 35,000 in its first week. It knocked off ‘Gold Digger’ from top spot.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Likes To Collect Drugs, But Not Ingest Them

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    What a weirdo. The longer she’s around, the more off the wall she and her beliefs and everything she does becomes!! Sometimes I think she should just step aside!

  2. weebongo says:

    Madonna is so fine on that RS cover. Her body and face look amazing, great pose, very sexy. Madonna looks a though a day hasn’t passed between 1985 and now.

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