Madonna ‘Love Profusion’ Video

Madonna 'Love Profusion' single cover

Brightcove is streaming ’s new video for the song ‘Love Profusion’ off her ‘American Life’ CD. The song is also featured in the Estee Lauder TV ad for their Beyond Paradise fragrance. Watch the video below.

Roy Horn Wants To Hear Madonna

December 4, 2003 – As he battles the effects of a stroke and tiger attack in October, Roy Horn had a musical request this week for Siegfried Fischbacher. “He wrote that he wanted a Madonna CD,” Siegfried told The Los Angeles Times.

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8 thoughts on “Madonna ‘Love Profusion’ Video

  1. Hotstar says:

    The video is actually good but she looks like a 45 year old drama teacher in that lame ass dress. And the song is incredibly boring.. I miss the old slutty Madonna.

  2. fudb says:

    this video is really cool and that song is pretty catchy should have been the 1st single I have seen the Estee Lauder ad a lot of times maybe this song will be a hit

  3. angelM says:

    Once again Madonna rules!!! The song is awesome!! and the video is really cute and fun. I think she’s come to a point in her life where she’s finally happy!! I love you Madonna!

  4. niceg says:

    This video looks simple and yet elegant. Madonna looks like herself for once. No slutty poses, sexy dresses, messy moves, and showing off tits and asses. Many people has been praising this video. At least one video rated for General viewing.

  5. babet says:

    She looks like a school teacher for kiddies. bad bad bad dress for a video like that.

  6. webanging says:

    Madonna got nominated for 2 Grammy Awards. Both were for her song ‘Die Another Day’. Best Video and Dance Song.

  7. FuturePast says:

    She looks like a respectable, lovely older woman who is healthy and takes care of herself. And the dress is definitely thrown in for contrast. It is much better than the MATM video.

  8. MistySl says:

    I think Madonna is fresh out of ideas. How can this be. She started this trend with great pop songs, great interesting, thought-provoking videos and interesting live shows. U people say she can’t sing. No she ain’t no Aretha, Whitney or Mariah, but her live voice is just that LIVE. she sings live and handles her business. I just wish, she’d come down to earth and make a hot video and show these girls how it’s done.

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