Madonna: Mariah Jealousy

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We have all read the reports of Mariah Carey’s jealousy over last year in the last year….

It started at Live 8 when put on one of the best shows like she always does and Mariah gave yet another underwhelming performance without any stage presence.

Then more recently came the reports about the Grammy awards and how Mariah wanted to open the show but got that honor and Mariah was reported to be furious.

I think all the jealousy stems back farther than that though….

Sure Mariah has 17 #1’s in the U.S. but Madonna is the world’s highest selling female artist and Madonna has more #1’s than Mariah in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY!

According to Forbes Magazine Madonna is also the highest paid female artist. Meanwhile there is reports of Mariah being upset with her record label Island Def Jam because she feels they didn’t pay her enough for her album but they paid her EXACTLY what she agreed to when she signed the contract with them!

Music Videos??? Madonna has had her videos played on MTV more often than any other artist and has won and been nominated for more MTV music video awards than any other artist…..meanwhile Mariah has never even won a single MTV music video award.

Tours??? Billboard magazine reports that Madonna’s new tour might end up as the highest grossing female tour ever while Mariah is reported to have cancelled 3 dates of her new tour for low ticket sales….Madonna’s last tour was the highest grossing tour of 2004 and grossed 125 million worldwide….Mariah’s last tour grossed 30 million worldwide and had to be downsized to smaller venues due to poor ticket sales.

That is just a few of the MANY reasons Mariah has to be jealous of Madonna…..

Live 8??? The Grammy Awards???

There is MANY more reasons for you to be jealous than that Mariah!

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12 thoughts on “Madonna: Mariah Jealousy

  1. Mariah Fan says:

    It doesn’t matter who makes more money. After all, Mariah is happy now with Nick. Madonna? She just got divorced, right? lol

  2. Madonna Fan says:

    Madonna is a real artist. At least Madonna ended good with her ex husband, Mooriah was like crazy when she ended with Luis Miguel. HAHAHA!

  3. Susan Mueni says:

    Madonna is not even half as gifted as Mariah Carey.

  4. markus says:

    What’s with the gifted thing?

    Mariah can’t even dance. Madonna can both sing and dance.

    and with acting performance? Madonna is more gifted with an Emmy for best actress.

    Madonna is the Biggest Selling Female Music Artist in the Planet, it can be proven on her tours. whilst Mariah can’t even sell tickets on Hong Kong. I mean c’mon? the only thing that keeps Mariah not-so-quite- famous is the us singles charts. besides that she has nothing.

    MADONNA even without any us chart topping song she still manages to sell singles, albums, and tours. That is why until now she’s far way behind Carey on almost everything (except for the weight).

    Like Madonna has like 300M singles/albums all over the world, while Mariah has just like 200M to share with his boytoy f** husband Cameron.

    It’s every Google article you can check, MADONNA has the edge on Mariah.

    bottom line

    MADONNA rules!

  5. JustSplittingHairs says:

    So, if they’re both so successful that you have to compare stats, what’s the point?? Two successful women…why don’t we just leave it at that. Don’t need all the hate.

  6. InterestingFact says:

    Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour grossed $408M from many sell-out stadiums, while Mariah struggled to sell out theaters with her Angels Advocate tour, will she be lucky to gross $10M?

  7. Alec says:

    Totally agree !!
    Mariah hates Madonna and is jealous of Madonna because she knows that THE QUEEN OF POP is much more successful and better seller than she.
    Nobody shall remember Mimi in 20 years anyway LOL

  8. MANdonnaNOtalent says:

    WHAT exactly is it that would make Mariah jealous of someone with as much talent as a dog like Madonna? Mariah is named in virtually every list of “best singers” (ie. MTV, Rolling Stones). Her music and voice garnered compliments from even the most legendary of artists in all fields of entertainment. As far as I’m concerned, NO ONE in the entertainment business has done the same for Madonna. But I’ve noticed that they’ve commended her “staying power”; and I agree with that – who else with such minimal talent can stay in the news for that long?

  9. MANdonnaNOtalent says:

    Live 8: Europeans (namely the UK) mostly identify with dance music, hence the appreciation for Madonna’s substanceless, meaningless pop garbage. During the grand finale, Paul McCartney told Mariah (who initially did not want to appear in this number) to sing louder, and within 20 seconds of ad-libbing, she made her presence known.

    Grammys: Madonna may have opened the show, but Mariah had the last laugh when she won three Grammys and delivered a powerhouse performance of We Belong Together (a song that in which “Song of the Decade” awards are flooding in everyday) and Fly Like a Bird – and received a standing ovation (reaction shots of Clive Davis and Sting). Not to mention the audience’s excitement carried on even when it was time to present the next award, which prompted Teri Hatcher to spontaneously say “Wow! I feel like we’ve all just been saved”. Madonna? Well, she got what she wanted. She opened the show with an absolutely laughable excuse of a performance, when she showed up in the leotard she wears during her senior aerobics class. To make it even funnier, she received the WEAKEST applause of the entire night! (Confessions on a Dancefloor only received ONE Grammy the next year)

  10. MANdonnaNOtalent says:

    Is it such a coincidence that, when Mariah was in her prime (’93-’96), Madonna was the most irrelevant person in the entertainment industry? Wasn’t she so desperate for publicity that she repeatedly cursed LIVE on David Letterman? Didn’t she also sell a book of naked photos of herself in regular book stores?

  11. john says:

    It was part of her art.

    With 2 albums that bombed on sales and a movie that crucified her as the worst actress of the year, didn’t Mariah go berserk and sell Popsicles in the TRL show just to desperately stay afloat?

    at least, it was a book that Madonna sold. still a work of art. But a POPSICLE?????

    the mind of a lower life form!!!

  12. Melanie says:

    Even though ,Mariah’s 2 respective highest selling albums surpass 2 Madonna’s ! Besides,Mariah got an extraordinary and beautiful voice.Mariah still make songs Madonna could never perform ! Besides,Mariah accomplished in 10 years what Madonna accomplished in 17 years ! Besides,contrary to Madonna,Mariah never had the need to promote the sales of her albums by eccentricities,sexual scandals or other self-promoting tricks ! All her merits are her voice and her talent .No doubt,Mariah is better !

    Madonna is the best paid artist because money is and always was her motivation.She’s not a true artist,she’s just a business-woman.Her work reflects perfectly this : great lack of creativity,originality,refinement and true artist inclination.Her music is just commercial but,not very artistic.
    What Madonna make is called music commerce,not art.Real art don’t care so much of the success it have to reach to.
    Real artists doesn’t produce their art just for accomplish huge gross profits and money,but for making something beautiful,creative,amazing ,original and refined.
    Therefore ,it’s Mariah which is Madonna’s jealousy ,and not inversely !Cause Mariah is much better than Madonna !

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