Madonna May Kiss Halle Berry In Bond Film

The New York Post reports insiders say Madonna’s cameo in ‘Die Another Day’ has her kissing star Halle Berry. A rep for said, “She hasn’t seen the script yet. Nothing’s been shot, I can assure you.” Madonna also will sing the theme song for the flick.

In Another Musical

June 13, 2002 – Contributed by corporate: Following her sell-out West End play, ‘Up For Grabs’, has expressed an interested in reprising Mae West’s controversial 1928 musical ‘Diamond Lil’. The musical tells the story of a New York singer and nightclub owner who is romantically entangled with, among other men, a violent criminal who seeks her out after he gets out of jail.

Madonna May Buy Aerodrome To Shut It Down

June 12, 2002 – The London Star reports Madonna might be buying her own aerodrome because she is so fed up with pilots from Compton Abbas aerodrome buzzing over Ashcombe House, her and Guy’s country Pile in Dorset. She’ll have to shell out $1.2 million to stop the noisy nuisance.

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