Madonna Not Collaborating With Aguilera Or Stefani

Jeannette Walls of spoke with Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, about reports suggesting she’s been recording with or No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani. “Christina is working on an album in the [same] building [as Madonna] but they have not seen each other,” Rosenberg clarified. She added, “ is not guesting on the record either. It’s all Madonna, all the time – a total dance record called ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor.’ No ballads, no messages. Her fans will go insane when they hear it. It’s back to the queen of the dance floor.”

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8 thoughts on “Madonna Not Collaborating With Aguilera Or Stefani

  1. Lil_Shant says:

    oh this sucks. it would have been so cool to hear what those two could do together. I really wanna see who xtina collabs with this time. hope its people who can challenge her voice. one with mariah would be amazin… and I don’t even like mariah!

  2. BadAzzFighter21 says:

    Thats good, Xtina doesn’t need Madonna to try and ride on her. She’d drown Madonna out anyway so it’d be pointless. Or xtina would have to reduce to singing like some manufactured popteen.

  3. TiggerBoi26 says:

    They have already sung together and both sounded great, you don’t sell over 250′, ‘million albums if you can’t sing at all. I can bet you money Christina will never match Madonna’s sales and she even started younger than Madonna. I really like Christina, very nice voice she has, but so does Madonna. Madonna is very distinctive, when you hear her you know its her. The same can not be said for very many other artist who all sound the same.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    why would Madonna need to? it would just be a collaboration between two great artists

  5. ihatehilary says:

    damn! how did this beat the very first story of the day which also happened to be the very first Hilary story of the day?? now the hilary/joel one has no chance!

    even Madonna is more popular than Hilary is anymore. that’s bad. it’s a race between EdAl and ssl. who can read the stories over and over again the most?? aaaaaaaaaaand they’re off!!

  6. EdwardAlex says:

    huh?i am not following you at all… and of course Madge is more popular

    I figured as much the only person she has ever had on any of her albums to do a duet was Prince for “Love Song” and that was over 14 years ago. This album is going to be amazing.

  7. popfan_23 says:

    No ballads, and no messages? why?’, ‘Because she can’t sing ballads, her voice isn’t strong enough, and no messages because she’s never been good at delivering messages that didn’t deal with sex, and at 46 that’s a bit pathetic

    Christina and Mariah singing together would be hot I’d bet

    you can sell millions with no vocal talent it has been done many many times’, ‘and she hasn’t sold 250 million, that’s a number that still hasn’t been proven. and fyi sales don’t equal talent, and Christina’s voice is very distinctive, perhaps the most distinctive of her generation.

  8. piglet says:

    Uh, that’s why “Live to Tell,” “Crazy For You,” “Take a Bow,” and virtually countless others are well-regarded and considered staples of popular American music. Making meaningful, heartfelt music requires more than a “strong voice,” it requires heart and a generosity of spirit and that’s why Madonna’s ballads are much better regarded than Celine Dion’s or Mariah Carey’s by critics, the American public, and those who just know better. Madonna might (or might not) have the ability to windblast a song vocally out of the water like Whitney Houston, but she certainly has the good taste not to, understanding that naunce and subtlety are the keys to creating the intended effect of a song.

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