Madonna Offending Some Jews In ‘Die Another Day’

The New York Daily News reports is now giving offense to Jews in her new video for the James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’. The video features Madonna with Hebrew letters tattooed on her arm and tefillin – small leather cubes, containing biblical verses and worn with straps during morning worship – while she’s being electrocuted by Nazi-like goons.”There are some people who can be – and are – offended by using Jewish religious articles for these purposes,” said Ken Jacobson, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League. “Many Jews, especially Orthodox, believe it is not a tradition for women [to use tefillin]. There are certain sensitivities that are offended by what she did.”

Badly Drawn Boy Targets In New Single

October 27, 2002 – Rolling Stone magazine spoke with Damon Gough of Badly Drawn Boy on his new single ‘You Were Right’, which describes a sex dream had by the band, but it’s the Material Girl in pursuit. Asked if Gough would turn Madonna away in a real life pursuit, he said, laughing, “It would depend on the night, really. No, I’d have to turn her down, although I think Madonna might be the only person my girlfriend would forgive me for straying away just overnight with — because I think she’d do the same.”

Madonna And Children Have Strict Diets

October 26, 2002 – reports the only thing Madonna eats are vegetables steamed in Evian water. Meanwhile, her children Lourdes and Rocco are already on a no salt, no sugar, macrobiotic diet. The Material Girl is currently recording her new album in Sony Music Studios.

Wertmuller Regrets Letting Ritchie Remake ‘Swept Away’

October 24, 2002 – Italian auteur Lina Wertmuller, whose movie ‘Swept Away’ received critical plaudits when it opened in 1974, tells Lloyd Grove of Washington Post that she now regrets allowing director Guy Ritchie and his pop star wife Madonna to produce the much-reviled remake. The prime reason for her regret is that she plans on putting out a sequel to the film, which may see financing trouble due to the black eye Madonna and Ritchie put on the flick with their horrendous remake. Wertmuller wonders, “Why did Madonna and her husband let it out? It’s very crazy. They saw the picture. So why open like that? I don’t understand. They lost money. For Madonna, it’s the name and the face. This is terrible for her.”

‘Swept Away’ Gets Swept Away Today

October 24, 2002 – Roger Friedman of Fox News reports Sony’s Screen Gems will pull the plug on Madonna’s bomb of a movie, ‘Swept Away’ today. The two week run for the film will likely show a $40 million loss for the Matthew Vaughn, and be considered one of the biggest movie bombs in history.

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