Madonna Performs In Inglewood

Madonna performed live at the Great Western Forum as part of her Confessions tour in Inglewood, California on Sunday (May 21). Check out pictures from GettyImages, Corbis, and WireImage.

Rosie O’Donnell Praises Madonna Show

May 24, 2006 – Rosie O’Donnell checked in on her blog on Sunday (May 21) and Monday (May 22) after attending the Madonna tour kick-off in Los Angeles. She writes, “Oh Mo, an artist thru and thru. I got to shoot it. Beyond amazing. Not one misstep. Intent determines result. Brilliant brilliant woman.”

Madonna Kicks Off World Tour

May 23, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Madonna kicked off her new world tour right here in Los Angeles last night. She opened the show hanging from a disco-like cross wearing an S&M outfit, and was humping a pole. Apparently, this is one of those orthodox Kabbalah shows. Apparently. … So that’s the big controversy. She gets crucified onstage. Normally, to get crucified, Madonna has to act in a movie.”

Madonna To Produce Jayne Mansfield Documentary

May 20, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports Madonna is making a new documentary about one of her all-time favorite movie icons, the tragic Jayne Mansfield – a rival to Marilyn Monroe’s crown in the fifties. Hubby Guy Ritchie will direct the project.

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3 thoughts on “Madonna Performs In Inglewood

  1. galleta says:

    Inglewood? yuck that’s like a really bad part of L.A, I’m surprised anyone would go down there just to see ole Madge. It’s like gang infested, gawd poor Madge has been reduced to playing in Inglewood. Although I do think Hockey games are played there, but I would be afraid to go into Inglewood, Cali. I like Ole Madge but not that much.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    she has always played at the forum.. she plays at a couple diff places in LA.

    its the grand forum obviously you aren’t familiar.. its a landmark

  3. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Ed, I lived in L.A. for awhile up until March and I can assure you that Inglewood is’, ‘a sh*thole area. Just because it’s a landmark doesn’t mean it’s in a good neighborhood. Just like the United Center in Chicago- the Bulls play there and all the big concerts, but that doesn’t change the fact the area is a sh*thole. Have you even been to Inglewood?

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