Madonna Pours Money Into Dad’s Vineyard

The Sun reports that Madonna has invested over $900,000 in her father Tony Ciccone’s struggling wine business. “Madonna hasn’t always had the best relationship with her father but she is very close with him now,” a friend revealed. “When she learned the company wasn’t doing so well she decided she wanted to step into the fray. But Tony is a very proud man and didn’t want to accept charity, so he made her a major shareholder in Ciccone Vineyard. She was a little reluctant at the start but Guy is a huge fan of the Pinot Noir – Tony has been sending them bottles at Christmas for years. He couldn’t bear to be without it, so he convinced Madonna to put some money in.” Read more.

Madonna And Lourdes Visit Sick Kids

August 8, 2004 – Star magazine reports that Madonna and daughter Lourdes made a surprise visit to The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto on July 20th. A source said they arrived at 10 am and “spent hours talking to 40 kids and their families. They also played with the kids and read all three of her children’s books to them, and gave each and every one of them copies of all of her books.” The Material Girl also “signed autographs for not only them, but also for the nurses and doctors, who were clearly starstruck.”

Madonna Wants Maria Callas’ Jewels

August 7, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports that a source close to Madonna says the Material Girl is poring over a Sotheby’s catalog of the Maria Callas collection of jewelry which will be sold in Switzerland later this year. Madge is eyeing an 11.7 carat marquise-shaped diamond ring that Sotheby’s expects to sell for up to $180,000.

Madonna’s Crew Man Plunges 30 Feet

August 6, 2004 – Sky News reports that Madonna’s Re-invention tour was marred by an accident involving a member of her crew falling 30ft. A rigger broke his arm and leg during preparations for the concert at London’s Earl’s Court. Caresse Henry, Madonna’s manager, said: “The entire crew, performers and staff, especially Madonna, were very saddened to hear about the accident but we are hopeful that he will make a full recovery.”

Madonna And Guy Visit Mayfair Pub

August 6, 2004 – Madonna and family are in London as she prepares to kick off the UK leg of her Re-Invention world tour in Manchester on August 14th. But she still had time to pop in to her local pub, The Punch Bowl in Mayfair, for a pint of bitter with husband Guy Ritchie. Check out photos from The Sun.

No Kabbalah Or Marriage Friction For Madonna & Guy

August 5, 2004 – A rep for Madonna denies the singer’s hubby Guy Ritchie had a bust-up with one of her Kabbalah advisers because he was fed up with his constant interfering. “Guy is as deep, if not deeper, into the Kabbalah as she is,” a friend told The New York Daily News. Another spy tells added, “They are both hot-tempered people. They do have screaming matches. But they were getting along better than I’ve ever seen them in Miami.”

Madonna’s Marriage In Trouble

August 4, 2004 – The Enquirer reports that Madonna’s marriage to British filmmaker Guy Ritchie is breaking up, say sources — torn apart by Guy’s jealousy over her success and his misplaced fears that she’s cheating on him. “Madonna’s marriage is definitely on the rocks,” an insider declared. “Guy’s been accusing Madonna of cheating while she’s on tour, and despite her assurances that she’s not, it seems he’s convinced himself that she is. The truth is Madonna isn’t cheating on Guy, and she’s probably fed up with dealing with his insecurities.”

Madonna’s Energized Fans Causing Marital Troubles?

August 3, 2004 – A source tells Jeannette Walls of that tension has resurfaced between Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie while Madonna has toured because Ritchie’s been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of some of her fans. “Madonna was clearly bummed out at one concert,” explained a source. “She was in such a foul mood, she didn’t want to go out and perform. But then the crowd was great, and that got her all charged up. She draws a lot of energy from the crowd’s love. I guess that’s part of the problem.” Read more.

Britney & Madonna Help Spur Bisexual Explosion In England

August 2, 2004 – Nearly a third of Britain’s female revelers consider themselves bisexual and almost half have had some sort of sexual experience with another woman, ranging from kissing to fondling and full sex. These are the revealing findings of an exclusive Daily Mirror survey of 1,000 women across the UK who regularly go to clubs. Britney Spears, who snogged Madonna at the MTV awards, topped the list of stars they would most like to bed, followed by the Material Girl.

Kabbalah Rabbi Draws Ire Of Madonna’s Hubby

July 30, 2004 – The Sun reports an angry Guy Ritchie lashed out at a Kabbalah rabbi who repeatedly distracted Madonna when he was trying to talk with her, grabbing the rabbi by the scruff of the neck before threatening him. “He reared up, the veins were sticking out of his forehead. He grabbed the guy’s shirt and pulled him so they were nose to nose,” a source revealed. “He just snarled, ‘If you don’t back off I’m going to break yer face.’ It was scary. He wasn’t kidding and it certainly wasn’t very Kabbalah.” Madonna was none too pleased with her husband, screaming ‘Don’t fu**ing embarrass me!” before they both stormed off and drove away.

Corvette Nixes Guy’s Plans To Feature Wife In TV Ad

July 30, 2004 – The Enquirer reports that when Guy Ritchie was brought in to direct a new commercial for Corvette, he tried to suggest to execs that he feature wife Madonna. The execs recalled their previous collaboration, the movie disaster ‘Swept Away’, and nixed the idea. When Guy threatened to quit if Madge wasn’t cast, the bigwigs didn’t blink.

Madonna And Family On Break At Miami Mansion

July 29, 2004 – Guy Ritchie and wife Madonna were enjoying a break in Miami Beach, Florida, with son Rocco on Wednesday (July 28) at a waterside mansion when Guy committed an unforgivable fashion faux pas – wearing white socks with sandals. Check out pictures from TheSun.

Kabbalah’s Celebrity Lure

July 28, 2004 – Kabbalah, a religion turned pop culture for A-list celebrities including Madonna and Britney Spears, is getting a lot of attention. ‘The Early Show’ correspondent Laurie Hibberd has the story. Watch it via below.

Vacation Fun For Madonna And Family

July 28, 2004 – Mavrix Photo reports Madonna and family enjoyed a few days holiday in Miami, Florida on Friday (July 23), in between Madonna’s touring schedule. In the morning, mamma Madge showed little Rocco the view from their penthouse room at the luxury hotel, later Guy Ritchie took Rocco for a swim at the hotel’s pool alongside daughter Lourdes.

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