Madonna Pulls A Hat Trick On Billboard

Madonna 'Love Profusion' single cover

Contributed by StilettoSadist: is three times a lady on Billboard’s Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, where she has a lock on the top three positions. ‘Love Profusion’ is in its second week at No. 1, after entering in the pole position last week. ‘Me Against the Music’ by Britney Spears and featuring Madonna holds at No. 2 after formerly occupying the top slot. The two-sided ‘Nothing Fails’ / ‘Nobody Knows Me’ completes the hat trick by rebounding 5-3.

Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour Ad In Times Square

April 4, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: .com has posted the Queen Of Pop’s billboard ad in Times Square. The billboard is for Madonna’s Madison Square Garden tour stops. It was put up after the 6 shows sold out and has that written over the dates. All 6 of Madonna’s MSG shows sold out in minutes.

Guy Ritchie Orders To Not Bike In London

April 1, 2004 – Sky News reports Guy Ritchie has ordered his wife Madonna not to go cycling around London anymore. “I want to lead a normal life, but each time I cycle out and about I get seen by the paparazzi,” the Material Girl explained. “That means all kinds of weirdos can then follow you round. I feel safe in London, but Guy insists that now I only go out cycling with him. He’s sweet and very protective.” But she added: “I might just go out behind his back, he will never know.”

Madonna Starting To Copy Britney’s Habits

March 30, 2004 – Madonna was accompanied by her bodyguard leaving her Saturday morning (March 27) Pilates class and heading to the Kabbalah center for a spiritual workout in Beverly Hills, clutching a Starbucks coffee and wearing a trendy Von Dutch truckers cap.

Madonna Fever Causes Fears In London

March 30, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: reports the high demand for tickets to the ‘re-Invention’ tour have forced Madonna to announce her British dates gradually to prevent mayhem and computers from crashing. Her first London gig sold out in minutes leaving 250,000 hopeful fans without tickets. A second date was added soon after with seats filling up just as quickly. Madonna will be playing five gigs in London altogether according to an insider.

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4 thoughts on “Madonna Pulls A Hat Trick On Billboard

  1. weebongo says:

    It’s good to see Madonna still on top after all these years. She has the biggest tour of the year and her singles are selling like crazy. The first remix of Love Profusion on the maxi is one of her best remixes ever.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    How did I know the one comment would be from you, simply pathetic.

  3. weebongo says:

    What’s really lame is you’re the only one who ever leaves a comment for a J.Lo story

  4. satanik says:

    Wow!!! Love profusion is such a beautiful song and it’s a huge hit in Europe as well – probably of all the songs released from the American Life album it’s the greatest success it’s getting so much airplay too!

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