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Madonna 'Music' single

Contributed by StilettoSadist: has posted a new advertisement for ’s ‘Sorry’ single that was featured in a London magazine. It shows Madonna wearing a t-shirt that says Queen of the Universe. Check out the picture here.

Low Ratings For Madonna’s Appearance On ‘Parkinson’

February 22, 2006 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Madonna’s appearance on ‘Parkinson’ was one of the lowest rated programs for the Michael Parkinson hosted talk show. “We were all shocked by that, but we’re guessing her fans must have been out – it was a Saturday night,” an insider reasoned.

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4 thoughts on “Madonna Queen Of The Universe Advert

  1. Ses says:

    Madge said that she will go on as long as loyal fans like us exist…these means another 20 years or more of brilliant pop music fro the ‘Queen Of Music’ – Madge… Let’s cross our fingers that by the end of Madge’s career she will be the ‘Biggest Selling Artist Ever’!…coz she’s currently only the 4th Biggest Selling Artist according to IFPI…

  2. trluk says:

    That’s unfortunate… I didn’t know queens could be so old… maybe she is referring to being the ‘Drag Queen of the Universe’… I think that’s it, yes. Well after a flop album she needs something to cheer her up by being in denial. In other news Mariah Carey is the #1 selling artist of all time with over 160 million records sold and 17 #1 hits! Also I thought Id post this… its official… the worlds top 5 most famous women: 1. Oprah Winfrey 2. Pamela Anderson 3. Queen of England 4. Mariah Carey 5. Hillary Clinton that’s from an official source from Newsweek done by international survey.

  3. KAustin says:

    TRLUK, stop making false claims, all respectable sources state Madonna has sold more’, ‘albums than any other female vocalist. ALL of them. And its impossible for any one on your list except maybe the “Queen” of England to be globally well known. Every survey done lists ‘Madonna’ as the worlds most famous woman. Most countries have no clue who Mariah Carey is proven by the fact she has very minimal sales in other countries. Even in the USA, more people know who Madonna is. You would be hard pressed to find any one who does not know who Madonna is. I just asked my sisters 3 kids if they knew who Mariah Carey was and they said NO. They are 9, 14, 15. Then I said do you know who Madonna is and they said yes, they hear her every day on the bus going to school. They knew the song “Hung Up” they had no clue who Mariah Carey was, so I told them she is a fat farm reject from KFC who thought she was more famous than Madonna… they got a kick out of that.

  4. TiggerBoi26 says:

    what list? This fictional list? Do you really think you can go to over 100 countries’, ‘and mention these 5 names and they be well known? Hell no you can not. Oprah is more an American media entertainer, Madonna is a global icon and sells extremely well in over 100 countries. This list is fictional at best, or taken in a selective segment of the American market.

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