Madonna Refuses To Meet With Olsen Twins

Star magazine reports that for her concert on May 26th, Madonna refused a request by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to meet backstage at The Forum in Los Angeles. The twins “did not get to go backstage,” a source explained. “Madge has to approve all of the celeb meet-and-greets, and she did not approve them.”

Ill Madonna In Post Tour Kickoff Puke-fest

June 9, 2004 – An insider tells Star magazine that following her ‘re-Invention’ tour kickoff at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles on May 24th, “Madonna began feeling violently ill at her afterparty. She was vomiting from nerves or something she ate. She was up all night.” The illness prompted the Material Girl to cancel the May 25th show.

Experts Brand Kabbalah A Cult After Vulnerable People’s Money

June 8, 2004 – Cult buster Rick Ross, head of the nonprofit Rick A. Ross Institute of New Jersey, tells the National Enquirer he has serious questions about the Kabbalah Centers’ financial practices, which are controlled by the movement’s founder, Rabbi Philip Berg, and his family. “Rabbi Berg — who Kabbalists call ‘the Rav’ — is looked upon by many of his followers, including Madonna, as the living conduit between the light (or a higher power) and the creator,” he said. “At the top of the membership are people like Madonna, Roseanne, Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears who are treated royally. But then there are the regular middle-class people who find it financially demanding to buy tickets for Kabbalah events costing hundreds of dollars. People tell me they are being asked to tithe over 10 percent.”

Madonna Lands Film Role

June 8, 2004 – The Sun reports that Madonna will play silent movie star Texas Guinan in Martin Scorsese’s big-screen musical ‘Hello Sucker!’, her first return to the big screen since the 2002 disaster ‘Swept Away’. “This project is really personal for Madonna as she worships Guinan,” an industry insider explained. “Critical acclaim in movies is also the one thing that has eluded her but this is a special film with big names involved. Madonna has already recorded an album’s worth of songs for it and is determined to make it work.” Read more.

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