Madonna Rejects Boy George Claims About Kabbalah

Attitude magazine asked Madonna about criticism by Boy George that her Kabbalah religion is homophobic. “He’s just got a bee in his bonnet,” she said. “I don’t know why he said that. It’s not true. I would say that at least 50% of the men who come to the Kabbalah center are gay, at all the centers I go to. Nobody ever talks about who they sleep with.”

Madonna’s Rep Responds To Bon Jovi’s Criticism

October 24, 2005 – Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg spoke with The New York Daily News about Jon Bon Jovi’s recent criticism of the Material Girl because she “takes [her] kids, [Rocco and Lourdes,] out to every premiere she ever goes to.” Rosenberg said, “Madonna has never brought her children to a movie premiere. I’m delighted to hear what an authority Mr. Bon Jovi is on Madonna’s talents as a mother. He can rest assured [Madonna’s] kids are, cherished, adored, well fed, respected and are extremely loved and well protected by their parents.”

Madonna Reveals Interest In A Musical

October 24, 2005 – Madonna tells eTalk Daily host Ben Mulroney that live theater may be one of her upcoming projects. “I did write about 20 songs over the last couple of years for a musical, for which I never ended up doing,” the singer revealed. “I love the idea of writing a musical.” However, don’t expect to see her name on the marquee. Madonna has a different casting choice in mind — Lourdes. “I’ll just wait a couple years and my daughter can do it,” she playfully suggested. The story at has since been removed.

Madonna’s Documentary Was Amazing!

October 23, 2005 – Contributed anonymously: Ok…I am just about won over. I watched “I’m Going To Tell You a Secret” this afternoon (I Tivo’ed it) and was surprised how much I liked it. It was very uplifting and even though it dealt with Madonna’s cult, it explained it more than it preached it. Actually, Kabbalah sounds a lot like common sense, not a religion. I loved how the songs mixed in with the film and I didn’t realize how well Madonna can hit those high notes until she sang that song “Mother Father.” I watched it with my sister, who’s not a huge Madonna fan. She actually had tears coming down on her face at the end. My only complaint is that there weren’t enough performances, but we may have to wait for the DVD. Oh, and as for Madonna condemning “sinners to hell” in this, she does no such thing! She was clearly joking. Anyway, I hope other people get to see this documentary. I think seeing a documentary on Mariah’s mega selling “Charmbracelet” tour would be better, but this still made my day.

MTVu Stand-In With Madonna

October 23, 2005 – Madonna and director Jonas Akerlund were on hand for a Q&A discussion following a screening of Madonna’s new documentary film, ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ for the mtvU ‘Stand In’ series at Hunter College on Tuesday (October 18) in New York City. The show will premiere exclusively on the broadband channel mtvU Uber on November 7th, and will be broadcast on-air on mtvU on November 8th. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

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