Madonna Retitles Bond Song & Is NOT Pregnant

Madonna’s manager Caresse Henry tells that the singer is definitely not pregnant. “I want to officially state on behalf of and Guy Ritchie that they are definitely NOT expecting a child,” said Ms. Henry. “I’m aware of press reports stating that Madonna’s father confirmed her pregnancy, but it is all fiction from beginning to end.” Meanwhile, the theme song Madonna has recorded for the next James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’ will be retitled to ‘Die Another Day.’

Working With Orbit Again On New Album

June 10, 2002 – Producer William Orbit tells the Mirror that he’s already been meeting with on her ‘Ray of Light’ follow-up. “I will definitely be working on her next album,” he said. “But it is very early days at the moment. We are discussing what sound and feel she is looking for but I’m not sure when we will start working in the studio. I certainly haven’t got as far as titles yet. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again though.” The hope is that the new album will be out by early 2003.

Madonna Flubs On Stage Monday

June 5, 2002 – reports that during Monday’s ‘Up For Grabs’ performance in London, Madonna’s character had her cell phone ring, but she fumbled for the phone and dropped it. The phone broke in two and as she attempted to piece it back together, Madonna started to laugh, then covered her face. While the audience applauded the goof, pros thought otherwise. “If she were a seasoned actor, she would ad-lib around it and make it seem like part of the script,” sniffed one to MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls.

Madonna’s Father Never Spoke With British Tabloid

June 4, 2002 – Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg insists that earlier reports suggesting Madonna is pregnant again are untrue. Liz indicates that Tony Ciccone never did speak with the Sunday People. “It sounds like something he said when she was pregnant with Rocco,” she said.

Madonna May Buy & Destroy Nude Paintings

June 2, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Madonna is so unhappy with two nude portraits of her by Scottish artist Peter Howson that she may buy them herself just so she can destroy them. If she does she’ll be shelling out nearly $400,000 for the two pieces.

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