Madonna Rules Globally Despite Slow U.S. Sales

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All this babble & chatter about Madonna’s apparent failing sales shows the ignorance & arrogance of some fans. First of all Madonna’s latest album isn’t even close to flopping in America because it has already gone platinum in the U.S. (1.3 million in 4 months). If fans want to compare, let’s factor in European sales too. Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ sold approx. 3.3 million copies (4 months) in Europe alone while Mariah’s ‘Emancipation’ sold only 1.1 million after 11 months in Europe. Madonna’s global sales are 7 million (4 months) while Mariah’s is at 9.4 million (11 months). It’s only logical to compare 2 albums after both released its intended commercial singles. We just have to wait & see folks. After 4 months ‘Confessions’ is the #2 Biggest Selling Album worldwide after James Blunt’s 5 month-old ‘Back To Bedlam’ (approx. 8 million sold). Madonna’s Hung-Up & Sorry are #1 & #2 in the United World Charts making her the Biggest Selling Singles Artist of 2006 (1st Quarter).

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Rules Globally Despite Slow U.S. Sales

  1. Ses says:

    Madonna will release ‘Get Together’ as her last single in the U.S. In Europe Madge will release ‘Jump’ as her 3rd single there… Hopefully Warner will release at least 5 singles In Europe because ‘Confessions’ is still HOT there.

  2. hookedonmimi says:

    Even if she sold 1 million copies, it would still be a hit. Album sales are way down. It isn’t like six years ago, when your average hit album sold over 2 million copies.

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