Madonna Runs Into Naomi Watts At London Gym

was photographed outside her London gym on Thursday (November 30), where she was talking on her new mobile phone upon arrival and smiling after bumping into actress Naomi Watts upon departure. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Many Africans Now Suffering From Obesity

December 2, 2006 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “It’s been reported that many Africans are now suffering from obesity. That’s in the news, yeah. In fact, Africa’s obesity problem is so bad that is having trouble lifting their orphans.”

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5 thoughts on “Madonna Runs Into Naomi Watts At London Gym

  1. divinah says:

    another has been sighting. whatever happened to JUMP, eh? It flopped!

  2. weebongo says:

    2007 was the year of M. She was the most successful female artist raking in more cash then any other. Her tour grossed a staggering 194 Million; no other female even broke 100 Million which shows you how much hotter M was then everyone else. Mariah Carey’s tour was a complete flop only grossing a pitiful 32 Million. After 25 years M still rules the music biz with no one else coming close. Also COAD has sold over 10 Million worldwide.

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    Had Mariahs CD actually sold 10 million her label would have it certified’, ‘at 25 million! 32 million dollars would be considered a bad year for Madonna!

  4. ScorpionMan says:

    Mooriah’s idea of a workout is writing all those blank checks to ClearChannel. And I find it hilarious that dumbass Lambs think Madonna promoting her books on HSN is bad. Mooriah is the biggest whore in the industry! -She only has a career thanks to her then-husband Tommy Mottola, and when he dumped her after she went crazy her career flopped and has yet to recover. -Her record labels have been caught buying airplay in the past -She discounts her singles to get them to chart higher (e.g. “Loverboy” being given to Tower stores for free and costing $0.49) -Almost every album she has released is over certified (e.g. “Mariah Carey” sold 4.83 million according to soundscan and is certified 9X platinum)

  5. TigerLily says:

    lol!Hagdonna’s Jump was a flop,so was HUng Up and Sorry on Billboard,and u still think she’s better than Queen Mariah? That’s the most hilarious thing any1 has heard of besides the hag’s hilarious granny wear and videos

    wow that’s absolute sour grapes,amazing how hag fans can be this delusional,face it,’, ‘the hag has less #1s than mariah. It’s sad that the hag keeps flopping despite all u trannies’ expectation, but darlings,it’s the truth,deal with it!

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