Madonna Showed Herself In A Bad Light During Documentary

Contributed Anonymously:

After watching “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret,” I was shocked seeing how acted throughout the whole thing, these are some things that bothered me:

1. SHE SEEMS VERY RUDE: It seems she is always demanding something. Always telling someone they need to get something for her. Second, she was always complaining. It was tiring. My gosh, this woman has millions of dollars and she is (or was) one of the biggest stars. Yet she complains over everything. She seems to blow off her dancers she was even pushing them away in one scene. Her crying at the end was kind of fake I think, she overdid it. She is not a good actress, she should not have attempted it. And she started a petty fight with her husband. The only nice thing she did was write a poem to her assistant, which is probably as much as a penny for how much work she must be doing for her demands and complaints.

2. HER RELIGION BEING FORCED: I’m sick and tired of her trying to push her crazy religion on us. Plus, I laughed when she was reading her Bible. She is acting all mean and rude, yet she pretends she is a saint by reading her Bible. Although she said she had a big ego and asked how she should change it. I doubt she did. I think she just acts all religion to see like she has cleaned up her act, she is some into it, but definitely not saintly.

3. SHE LOOKS BAD: Well, this is just something I noticed. She ages badly. She looks like she is 60. Her skin in hanging down and her face and hair are terrible like an old lady. Her hands are all shriveled and veiny. It was gross, and they were piling make-up on her face in one scene, it was funny.

Lastly, a short thing, I think she is going overboard with her kids. No certain types of food, no TV (they acted all excited when they could watch an hour on Saturday). What does what to do by doing it? I think her kids will act weird by her doing this. I hope Madonna cleans up her act.

P.S. Madonna, don’t ever compare yourself to A QUEEN OF A COUNTRY again like you did in the documentary!


October 20, 2005 – Telegraph caught up with Madonna for a Q&A and asked the singer about her new documentary, which she criticizes the material world, and how she would respond to those who see her as the queen of pop culture and now she’s biting the hand that feeds her. “Yeah, but life is a paradox isn’t it,” Madonna asked. “To tell people that, you know, the material world isn’t important is upsetting because we’ve all bought into this idea, and it seems like I’m criticizing people. All I’m saying is that it took me a very long time to grow up and realize how myopic my world was, and I’m just sharing my story. If you’re going make a documentary about yourself, you’ve got to tell the truth. I’m sharing my journey and people get something out of it, great; and if they don’t, then that’s fine, too.” Read more.

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