Madonna Shrieked In Horror After Judge Rejected Adoption Bid

The Sun reports shrieked in horror after her lawyer broke the devastating news Friday that the judge ruling on her Mercy James adoption said no. “She was unrecognizably angry — she seemed in emotional agony,” a worker at the luxury lodge in Malawi where Madonna was staying told the British tabloid. “We couldn’t tell if she was crying, but her daughter Lourdes ran and put her arms round her. Madonna said to her lawyer, ‘This is the worst day of my life’. She yelled at him, ‘What went wrong? How could this happen’? He was staring at the ground.”

Mercy James In Tears Pleading For “My Mummy”

April 5, 2009 – The boss of Mercy James’ orphanage, the Kondanani Children’s Home in Malawi, tells The Sun that the youngster “could not understand where her new family had gone” following a judge’s decision on Friday to reject Madonna’s adoption bid.

“It’s devastating for Mercy,” Annie Chikhwaza told the British tabloid. “She had bonded with her new family and was calling for Madonna, saying, ‘Where is my Mummy?’ She couldn’t understand where Lola, David and Rocco had gone — she thought they were playing hide and seek. It broke my heart to see her crying out for David as they’d become inseparable.”

Devastated Leaving Malawi Without Mercy James

April 5, 2009 – Madonna returned to England on Sunday, devastated by the rejection of her application to adopt Mercy James by a Malawian judge. “Madonna is in absolute pieces,” a source told Mail on Sunday. “She is devastated, this is the first time she has not got something she longed for. Lourdes will also be devastated. She helped get a room ready for Mercy and chose clothes for her.”

The friend added that Madge’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie has been supportive following the unhappy news. “He wasn’t enthusiastic about Madonna adopting another child and thinks they both have enough on their plate with three children. But it’s the first time he has seen her so crushed. It hasn’t been an easy time for anyone.”

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