Madonna Teams Up With Andre 3000 On New Album

The Sun reports that is teaming up with Outkast’s Andre 3000 after meeting him on the set of hubby Guy Ritchie’s film ‘Revolver.’ “Madonna showed up on the set of ‘Revolver’ and made me really nervous,” the rapper/actor admitted. “She walked around the corner and I forgot all my lines. She asked me what I thought about music and where it was going. Then we talked about something on her new album.” Look for the two in a collaboration on Madonna’s upcoming LP, ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’.

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Teams Up With Andre 3000 On New Album

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I was hoping she wouldn’t collaborate with anyone, but Andre is a good choice.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    She’s not collaborating with anyone… Andre included. The sun was also the one saying that her and xtina/gwen were collaborating. ITs not true.

  3. divinah says:

    Anywhoo, no big name star would want to collaborate with this dramatically aging corpse. Superstars Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani have already declined.

  4. EdwardAlex says:

    Aguilera and Stefani wished they had the chance to work with Madonna.. you ignorant’, ‘moron.’

    and for somebody who dislikes her you sure do go to a lot of the fansites..obsess’, ‘much?

    I could see him remixing a song… like other rap artists have done in the past… Missy Elliot/Tupac.. that would be cool.

  5. divinah says:

    the Madge camp always have to use the names of bigger stars (Xtina, Stefani, 3000)’, ‘…in order to be noticed. Desperately seeking hits.

  6. popfan_23 says:

    Yeah we’ll see, they’ve been saying she’s doing a collab with everyone she talks to.

    They didn’t say that, so don’t make up wishes

  7. mariahbeatsthebeatles says:

    LOL…Madonna is so desperate. Pretty soon, she’ll be collaborating with snoop doggy dogg.

  8. TiggerBoi26 says:

    Divinah, would you please give it a rest. There is no since it this.’, ‘Everyone one of us is getting older each day. Do you want someone calling you an old corpse? Madonna looks very good for 46. She has avoided the knife and that alone is admirable. She is very talented and has done alot of good for others. She does not deserve your constant trashing. She has done nothing to you as a person. And its great to have a point of view, but not a baseless one just to hurt others. We all know for some reason you don’t like her music, which is strange based on who you do like. But we get the point. So leave the woman alone. Like I said she has not earned your scorn in anyway. Thanks

    You know, Madonna RARELY ever collaborated with any one on her CD’s. Just once with’, ‘Prince. Can you say the same for your lady? Her CD’s is pure collaborations with top names. That is why it actually has sold so well. People are buying more than just her, they get several other top acts with her. It was a smart move I agree. But by your statement that makes her Very desperate to have a comeback. –So maybe you should think before you make such a harsh statement. I actually would love Madonna to have collaborated with a few other good artists. But that is not really her thing. She has never really needed to on her CD’s. They sell anyways, but I still would have liked her to do it because it would have been interesting to see what came of a collaboration. ANY artist would jump at the chance to work with Madonna. Most all of them give her HIGH praise. Every entertainer that has ever met Madonna personally admits that they were in awe just to be in her presence. The only person they claim has made them feel this way . That is a testament on its on. Madonna has achieved greatness. She can quit today and always be in our history books. She is even listed in the Encyclopedia and dictionary. She is the wealthiest female vocalist on Earth according to Forbes. So I doubt that she will ever become desperate.

  9. divinah says:

    how about that huge flop of a collaboration w/ her No. 1 threat Britney?

  10. TiggerBoi26 says:

    actually they did, Christina already performed once with Madonna on the VMA’s’, ‘and Gwen mentioned at the Music premier party years ago that is would be cool to work with Madonna. Most any artist would jump at this chance. Madonna has only worked with 1 artist on one of her CD’s that was Prince in 1989. She stated that she prefers not to collaborate with other artists, but on the rare occasion has done so to support a cause or an artist . If she wanted them on the CD odds are they would be there in full force. These artists have a high respect for Madonna. Madonna does not give them any reason not to want to collaborate with her.

    I guess your not going to give it a rest. This was not on a Madonna CD has it was a’, ‘huge global success. 2003’s “Me Against The Music” (with Britney Spears) was her 46th top 40 hit on The Billboard Hot 100. She has the most top 40 hits of any female artist. The single went to #1 in many countries across the globe. It went to #1 in the US on the sales chart, the Maxi-Singles charts. And was one of the most successful club hits of the year. Clearly not a failure. And by no means a flop.

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