Madonna Ties Elvis Presley’s Record

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Congratulations to . She just tied ’s record for top ten singles, 36, yeah. Now she plans to break Elvis’ other record, the most awful movies made by a popular singer.”

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One thought on “Madonna Ties Elvis Presley’s Record

  1. calixto papas says:

    Other record that Madonna could try to break is the “Top Stupid joke made from a Stupid person” record ostented by Jay Lenno.

    Elvis vs Beatles and now vs Jackson.
    These battles never end. And I don’t know why, Elvis was only one and the Beatles were four. Elvis had not equal while the Beatles were a group, who two members from them are still giving concerts, instead Elvis died in 1977.
    Is it right make comparsisions between them?
    Beatles sold more than Elvis taking in count the official records solds, but in unofficial ways Elvis sold several more records than Beatles and the F4 are not close to Elvis. Remember the RIAA rules for count sales were changing along decades.

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