Madonna To Be Gwyneth Paltrow’s Maid Of Honor

The Sunday Mirror reports pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow will ask pal to be her maid of honor at a low-key ceremony with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, the same duty she did for Madonna’s wedding to movie director Guy Ritchie in Scotland three years ago. The couple, who have been dating for 14 months, are determined to tie the knot away from the cameras after being impressed by how Madonna kept her nuptials at Skibo Castle under wraps. “They will do it in their own time and on their own terms,” said an aide yesterday. “This is not going to be a circus.”

Madonna’s LA Bike Ride

December 6, 2003 – Madonna enjoyed a bike ride in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 4). The singer and actress was accompanied by a bodyguard while on her way to a dance studio in Beverly Hills.

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6 thoughts on “Madonna To Be Gwyneth Paltrow’s Maid Of Honor

  1. DJNY2AI3 says:

    I doubt this is true but if Madonna is gonna be her maid of honor then the wedding will not be low key.

  2. shadybaby says:

    I wonder who else will be there? and I hope there marriage will last,there both good people.

  3. Tina31182 says:

    Don’t ask my why, but I have a freaky memory about these kinds of things. First of all Madonna and Gwyneth may still be friends, but most recently things have cooled between them compared to a year and a half ago when Gwyneth was actually living in Madonna’s home in London. In fact I haven’t read anything about the two of them as friends in like a year. Reports surfaced about Madonna being annoyed of Gwyneth copying her, but that I don’t know about the truth in those stories. Most importantly Gwyneth attended Madonna’s wedding, but was not the maid of honor, Stella McCartney, Paul’s daughter, was. So if the source can’t even get the basic facts straight it makes it highly questionable that the story is true.

  4. rangergirl says:

    I think Gwyn and Chris are SO pretentious-but anyway I hope it works out for them. Gwyn is always complaining about the press. It would be nice if the press wouldn’t even bother with them, just don’t pay them any mind. But w/ so much $$ to be made off of celebrity photos there is little chance of that happening. Also, I read where Gwyn won a film role over Madonna recently. It’s the story of a criminal that’s still alive. The women in jail stated that Madonna can’t act & can’t do a Cockney accent but Gwyn could. I guess they are still pals which is nice. Also, didn’t Madonna want Jennifer Lopez to perform with her at the VMA’s? J. Lopez is/was dating Gwyn’s ex Ben & Lopez also criticize Madonna’s & Gwyn’s acting. Why would Madonna even invite her to perform. Maybe she wanted to draw more attention to herself bec. JLO is popular? Just some thoughts. Not hating

  5. Carrie says:

    I’m happy for Gywneth. She deserves this happiness. She has suffered quite a bit in the last several years. She had to endure seeing Brad Pitt her love marry Aniston and be forever happy while she was unhappy. Then with Affleck, her relationship was rocky and she said it was a tortured relationship. Next her father passing on and on top of that Affleck hooking up with J Lo, her nemesis. All this in the public eye. It’s got to have been painful. Now she looks happier than ever, she’s showing teeth when she smiles and is glowing perhaps telling us that she’s finally found happiness. I think it will last for her. Her parents were married forever with no divorce.

  6. YogiBear says:

    J.Lo talk smack about Gwyneth in Movieline article. Not only did J.Lo put down Gwyneth, but she also had unkind words for Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Claire Danes, Winona Ryder, and Salma Hayek…so J.Lo ain’t the simple girl from the Bronx that she pretends to be.

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