Madonna, Whitney, And Mariah: Their Places In Music

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MADONNA – has established herself as music’s most intriguing and unconventional persona. She sets the trends, speaks taboos, sings the importance of independence and self-expression, and shocks. She has never run out of ideas to shock us, and in a few instances of her shocking moments, she never failed to deliver a statement, be it political, sexual, ambitious.

I never really understood what “reinvention” meant in the context of real music. True, she “reinvents” her image, and her sound, but not her -music-. If you strip down the beats, and sounds, her lyrics, way of singing, and messages are all the same. It’s the same music dressed up in a different way. Also, her shock method has always been effective (except in American Life), and we are always entertained. She doesn’t have a good voice, but props to her for keeping music not just music.

Madonna redefined music.

WHITNEY HOUSTON – Whitney has probably the best-known tone in the whole world. When she sings, we listen. She’s a true diva on stage: confident, strong, and commanding, in a beautiful way. For turning a country song into one of the most beloved tunes of all time, her voice is legend.

Whitney’s strong and confident persona is a facade, a mask that disguises the weak woman who succumbs to crack, alcohol, and husband. The stage is the only place where she can validate her perceived strong image, because in reality she’s not that strong. Her only asset, her voice, was wasted on alcohol, bickering, and crack. Her marriage and image are a regular punch line of late-night jokes. But no matter how she fares in the future, her name and the legend that is her voice are already written in history.

Whitney is a legend in her own right.

MARIAH CAREY – Mariah is my textbook definition of “diva”: she writes good music, has one of the greatest voices, beautiful, and classy. If there were a school for divas, Mariah would graduate as valedictorian. She is one of music’s leading vocal powerhouse, has the widest vocal range for any pop singer, hits the highest notes in recorded music, 16 big #1 hits, 2 of which became the longest running #1 of 2 decades, 200+ million records sold in just 15 years, 5 #1 albums, and numerous legend awards (even more than Whitney’s and Madonna’s combined). Of records, numbers, and octaves, Mariah is an undeniable force in music.

Like any top honor student, Mariah has always been driven by the need to be #1. She traded fame for love, traded ambition for sanity, traded dreams for family. She’s obsessed with perfection and control. She doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, while trying to please everybody. She’s a control freak, a workaholic who doesn’t need to be. While most divas have found family and love in life, she’s remained in her bubble, working non-stop to carve a place in music, which she doesn’t realized is already there. Big-voiced divas with big hairs aren’t supposed to last as long as Mariah has, but it seems there’s still more that she can do with her elastic voice and pen.

Mariah made the most out of music. She has the career and success that most legends can only dream of having.

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10 thoughts on “Madonna, Whitney, And Mariah: Their Places In Music

  1. marshane says:

    thank you so much for posting about MIMI or Mariah Carey,
    i love so much Mimi! I still support her even though the people said to her that “she is not a young Mariah she is older” but I still love her,,, Mariah’s the best for me!
    by the way why you post about Celine Dion?
    I’ll wait!

  2. arniev says:

    I beg to disagree. so what if Madonna’s voice is not that beautiful as that of Mariah and Whitney. rock and roll is not determined by the voice alone. being unique, being a rebel is what defines rock and roll. and surely Mariah or Whitney does not fit the bill of a true rocker.

    and take a look Whitney was replaced by Mariah and soon Mariah will be replaced by Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga.

    but Madonna, she’s irreplaceable.

  3. BasicBriBri says:

    THANK YOU, arniev. You’re absolutely right; and whomever posted this is biased, as you can tell. Notice how he mentioned the “pros” and “cons” of each artist EXCEPT for Mariah Carey? And the little he did mention about her in a semi-negative light was more on her work aesthetic than her shortcomings as a musical artist. Here, let me mentioned the cons since you conveniently decided to leave them out.

    Except for her stellar album “The Emancipation Of Mimi,” Mariah has never truly been able to ascend as anymore than a bubblegum pop artist…with album titles such as “Butterfly,” “Rainbow,” and “Charmbracelet,” she is a diva who has never truly been able to sing about anything more than the superficial. Even in songs in which she attempts depth the only thing that saves her is her phenomenal voice…but I don’t hear her heart. She doesn’t push the envelope, and if you want to accuse anyone of their music sounding the same, point the finger at Mrs. Carey…I dunno where you got the idea that all of Madonna’s music sounds similar, but listen to Bedtime Stories, Erotica, Ray Of Light, and Confessions On A Dancefloor and tell me they all sound similar. True, her lyrical content is similar, but that’s because she writes the majority of her own music.

    I love Mariah and I absolutely ADORE Madonna but please…give credit where it is due.

  4. mary says:

    Basic BreBre you hit it right on the nail!!!

  5. Allan says:

    WoW WoW WoW……. lets start with the fact that this article was so biased, I really can’t choose a fav but my personal fav is Whitney strictly because the voice is strong and powerful….. but to arniev or whatever, none of them are replaceable and the ladies you mentioned would actually replace Madonna more than Mariah……All 3 have their shortcomings but all are Divas and will forever remain legends…..but I still feel that Mariah is just a follower compared to Whitney and Madonna, both Whitney and Madonna pushed the envelope, Madonna with her music and Whitney with her style and being the first heavy rotation black woman on MTV, Mariah just followed in others paths and did what was popular….props to Whitney and Madonna for staying true to self, but Mariah is still a phenom and will forever sell because she is a sell-out and that’s why we love her……………all 3 are fab, but Madonnas last album hard candy was crap, I’m just saying, come on playa step ya game up, she has good singles but her albums are always weak, Whitney you already know to expect greatness……but I still can’t choose a favorite they all amaze me!!!!

  6. graham says:

    Miss Diana Ross is the supreme diva,bigger than all of them,she did not have MTV to push her music in her time she relied on pure talent alone and her music will still be played when the likes of tramp can’t sing Madonna and her music will be in the garbage, Miss Ross is a real legend not a hyped no talent who appeals to the brain dead.

  7. Markus says:

    Madonna has sold a massive 250 million albums/singles worldwide while Whitney and Mariah have just so far sold 170 million on albums and singles. Madonna is the artist without the vocal prowess, yet she is the Queen of Pop and have continuously inspired modern artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Britney, Christina, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Pink…all these women gave a great deal when they speak of MADONNA cause she is a Total package, she can sing, dance and define stage performance like Michael Jackson. yeah Whitney and Mariah can sing all the ballads they have but the audience needs to get on their feet 50 percent of the show.

    Bottom line is Madonna is the dominating force in music, she can never be replaced like Lady Gaga said, Aretha got replaced by Whitney then she got replaced by Mariah, now Mariah is replaced by Beyonce. But Madonna is unique. she is the Queen.

  8. Markus says:

    Madonna in place in music is like 80 percent

    Mariah and Whitney share the 20 percent slot. without Madonna the music industry is dead.

  9. Josue says:

    MARIAH GOT REPLACE BY BEYONCE? no booboo! Beyonce can’t outsing Mariah’s left boob lol.Nobody can replace MADONNA, MARIAH, OR WHITNEY! that is what makes them legends..NO1 IS THE QUEEN OF ANYTHING..In pure talent alone..Mariah Sh**s on Madonna thou :)

  10. alex says:

    let me get this straight.
    1. the one that wrote the stories sees Whitney and Mariah on the negative side than Madonna, he/she admire Madonna

    2. Madonna=great style of music
    Mariah=beautiful high notes
    Whitney= great way of delivering her song
    but Madonna will never reached Mariah and Whitney place

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