Madonna’s A Test Consumer For New Kabbalah Energy Drink

Kabbalah Center spokesman Darin Ezra tells Jeannette Walls of that , Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore are currently trying out Kabbalah’s new energy drink, and may agree to be its spokesperson. “We’re going after the Red Bull market,” Ezra said. “But Kabbalah Energy Drink tastes better. And it’s infused with Kabbalah water, which is holy water.” Read more.

Madonna To Appear On Missy’s UPN Show

February 3, 2005 – Contributed by clayfan: According to E!, Madonna will make a guest appearance on UPN’s new reality show, ‘The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott’, on February 16th. The Material One will meet with the final five performers and share with them some valuable advice on the music biz.

Muslim Madonna

February , 2005 – Dubbed the “Muslim Madonna” and the “Asian J-Lo,” 27-year-old Deeyah is a sassy, sexy singer with global star appeal – and that’s the problem. She admits to The Associated Press she had to flee her native Norway because of threats from extremist Muslims and white right wing racists.

Madonna Brings Along Anti-Wrinkle Lighting Team

January 24, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that when Madonna appeared on a BBC benefit show for tsunami relief, she brought her own lighting team along with her. “She insisted on her halo lights as they don’t show as many wrinkles,” a source explained. “Madonna dipped into her own pocket to pay for it. She wanted to help – but was determined to look her best whatever the cost.”

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3 thoughts on “Madonna’s A Test Consumer For New Kabbalah Energy Drink

  1. MirrorShards says:

    Madonna used to be cool before 1994 , when she used to look pretty and had kick ass clothes and hair now she looks like a mule with a gap between her teeth , No one wants to see a granny shake her non existent ass on TV! why doesn’t she save herself the time and the costs of lighting and just get Botox instead ?? Kylie is wrinkle free so it should work for her

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    She has done Botox, but for some reason the crevices on her cheeks right beside her mouth can’t be fixed with Botox, or even mini face-lifts, because of how deep and loose they are.

  3. ohohmelioh says:

    if people (of the popdirt dirt dirt!! yes dirt almost 90% of this news-***** is UNTRUE) tell Madonna looks old or like a granny then I’d love to see you guys when you’re at her age. you all only WISH you could look like Madonna or look as good as her when you all are 46 later, and it will happen some day. what if people would call YOU a granny THEN? exactly! you guys don’t have any respect! Madonna is a wonderful person and you all say she’s old and a granny & well then YOUR WHOLE UGLY FAMILY over 40 are ugly, old, grannies and whatever! you guys don’t know what you’re talking about anymore. instead you all love Ashlee Dumbson and her stupid 40 IQ sis! oh my god you are all so lame!

    btw, didn’t you read Madonna paid everything for it from her own pocket including the makeup thingy for her wrinkles? yes you read that all but you all continue to bash or no matter what she does. if she didn’t do this at all you would all say she’s a ***** because she didn’t join with the benefit, now that she does it you all wine and wine about how old she looks. so sick. stupid losers. I bet you’re all republicans. (everyone who says she’s ugly/was ugly at that benefit)

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