Madonna’s Bizarre Look At Me Interview Demand At Live Earth

The Mirror reports that before doing interviews with at the Live Earth concert over the weekend in London, interviewers were instructed to maintain eye contact at all times, never look down to check notes, all questions must be memorized, or the interview would be terminated. “It’s intimidating enough interviewing Madonna, because she’s so intense, but when we were given these weird orders it was even worse,” an American television source said. “We thought her people were just joking. But it soon became apparent that they were deadly serious.” Read more.

‘Green’ Means Money, Not Enviornmentalism To

July 6, 2007 – Though is participating in this week’s Live Earth event, Roger Friedman of reports that the Material’s Ray of Light Foundation owns stock in Alcoa, Ingersoll Rand, Weyerhaeuser, British Petroleum, Schlumberger, Devon Energy, Peabody Energy, Emerson Electric, Kimberly Clark and Weatherford International. Friedman concludes that “while eager to espouse politically correct beliefs, simply does not put her money where her mouth is.” Read more.

Madonna Goes Jogging With Carlos Leon In New York City

June 27, 2007 – Madonna took some time off from filming her latest movie in London and flew into New York City, going for a morning run with former lover Carlos Leon on Monday (June 25). Pictures from INF have since been removed.

Justin Timberlake Talks Madonna & His New Label

June 21, 2007 – Entertainment Weekly caught up with Justin Timberlake for a Q&A, asking the former *NSYNC star about his new label Tennman Records, as well as his collaboration with Madonna. “The records that we’ve done so far are really exciting,” Timberlake said. “There are some dance records, there are some mid-tempo ballads, there’s all types of different stuff. But I don’t want to gas it too much. People might like it or people might not. I don’t want to say, like, [carnival-barker voice] ‘It’s going to change the world!’ You know what I mean? But we like it.” Read more.

Justin Timberlake Talks About Working With Madonna

June 20, 2007 – Justin Timberlake spoke with The Daily Record about his collaboration with Madonna, which has produced five songs – a couple of R&B numbers and a couple of dance records. “Some of the dance stuff hasn’t the in-your-face energy of ‘Hung Up’, but it’s got this mellow R&B thing on top of dance accompaniment, which Timbaland is doing the beats for,” the former *NSYNC star explained. “It’s all still in demo phases and I don’t know if it’ll be an album but four or five songs will make really good records.”

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2 thoughts on “Madonna’s Bizarre Look At Me Interview Demand At Live Earth

  1. galleta says:

    I love old Madge but come on it’s time she sat down and started living a quiet life. She reminds me of Elton John, latching on to whoever is hot at the moment. Come on Madge you are above this you are getting too old for this crap now.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    the better question is… do you think asking her about her family, spirituality, etc are appropriate questions to ask at Live Earth? She owned London Live Earth… perfect choice to have her close the show.

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