Madonna’s ‘Confessions’: She Cried Over No. 1 Album

Madonna 'Frozen'

How did react to ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ debuting at No. 1 in America? “It was my husband, Guy, who told me the album was No. 1 in America,” the singer tells syndicated columnist Liz Smith. “I was shocked, stunned, happy. I said, ‘We have to celebrate. So we opened a bottle of champagne – not something I usually do, though I probably should do more of that – I had a glass, and then I sat and cried for 20 minutes. Really. So many conflicting emotions, but basically tears of joy. Don’t let anybody tell you commercial success doesn’t matter.”

Madonna Not A Fan Of Vicodin

November 27, 2005 – Madonna confessed to taking the highly-addictive painkiller Vicodin after her horse riding accident. “I only tried Vicodin once,” she told Rolling Stone magazine. “I was in a lot of pain, and everyone kept telling me to try it. But they kept saying, ‘Be careful. It’s so amazing. You’re going to get addicted. So I called five people to get advice before I took it, and they all told me I was going to love it. I just chewed the entire inside of my mouth. I bitched at everybody. And I was in more pain. It was the worst experience of my life.”

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3 thoughts on “Madonna’s ‘Confessions’: She Cried Over No. 1 Album

  1. RPL says:

    She is pathetic, the corpse bragging. Put a sock in it corpse, 300,000 thousand only in the U.S. fist week?? Pretty bad, and the corpse is falling down the charts. The old hag doesn’t have emotions anymore.

  2. TiggerBoi26 says:

    You make me sick RPL. You have NO taste and the IQ of an ant. The Cd has already went GOLD in the USA, and sold over 4 million copies in its first week alone. It was released at the most competitive time of the year, if Madonna wanted bigger first week numbers she could have done like Mimi and released it when there was no competition. Madonna has sold over 4 million without a re-released bonus track Cd. Your just pissed that she did in one week what your idol took months to do. She is only at 7 million or so 7 months later LOL. Madonna will top 7 million in two months maybe less– and without all the airplay Mimi gets. Its amazing!!! And its killing you that she is doing so well 23 years into her career. Hung up has already went to #1 in more places than any Mimi single and has went plat all over the globe. The Cd is still number 1 on the world chart and so is Hung Up. Confessions has easily topped TEOM globally chart wise at #1 positions. And it will on sales in the end game. Not bad for someone you keep calling a corpse, who by the way is always named MOST ATTRACTIVE in polls by a land slide and is considered the sexiest pop artist of all time. Your just as usual making yourself look stupid! Get a new hobby that you can understand, you just piss others off and they go buy another copy of Madonna’s CD.

  3. Shanice says:

    Oh lord, what a contradictory, miserable old wench! I’m sorry but during her last album the hag tried to cover up her disappointing AL album by saying she wasn’t concerned w/ commercial success and now the golden girl wannabe is saying how much being commercial means to her. God when will she ever get her “script” straight. I mean just look at the album covers of her last two albums for an example. On AL she was dressed up like a cross between a drag queen and a french soldier and then for this album she thought it would be cute to put on an 80’s leotard and a red wig, but ended looking like Richard Simmons. When will she get her act together?

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