Madonna’s Dumped Chihuahuas Suffer Abuse

Madonna 'Fever'

Before Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and Britney Spears’ Bit Bit, took her three Chihuahuas Evita, Rosita, and Chiquita everywhere in the ’90s, but after a while, the Material Girl got rid of the doggies, which later ended up in bad shape at a Chihuahua Rescue in Burbank, California. “Rosita’s face had been beaten in and unfortunately she died,” a volunteer at the shelter revealed to In Touch magazine. “I’m sure Madonna thought they would be fine, but it wasn’t so.” Fortunately, Evita and Chiquita are still doing fine after being placed in a loving foster home.

Britney Spears To Star In Madonna’s Film

January 21, 2005 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Britney Spears has agreed to do voiceover work on Madonna’s new animated film version of her children’s book ‘The English Roses’. Also lined up for the film are David Bowie and Snoop Dogg, which will be produced by husband Guy Ritchie.

Doesn’t Want To Play Herself On TV

January 19, 2005 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports that turned down an offer from Ricky Gervais to appear in his new show, ‘Extras’. Though big name actors Jude Law and Kate Winslet agreed to appear on the show, Madge wouldn’t play herself and would appear on the show only if he developed a character especially for her.

Faye Of Light

January 19, 2005 – A BBC technician tells that Madonna is now using a ‘Faye’, which is a bright light placed at eye level, in front of the performer, which helps to hide wrinkles. The light is named in honor of Faye Dunaway, who always insists on one.

Howard Stern Unimpressed With Madonna’s ‘Imagine’ Cover

January 18, 2005 – During Howard Stern’s show on Tuesday, he played Neil Young’s version of the John Lennon classic ‘Imagine’ comparing it to Madonna’s recent performance on the tsunami telethon over the weekend of the same song. Stern said it means something when Neil Young sings it, adding that he got the chills listening to Young’s version. He said he doesn’t feel anything when Madonna performs it. He played Madonna’s version and talked about how she’s not a singer.

Relocated Rabbi

January 17, 2005 – A source tells Jeannette Walls of that Madonna, who was close to Rabbi Eliyahu Yardeni but is “furious” about his comments about the Holocaust victims bringing on their own fate, was “instrumental” in getting him out of London, but the source insists that the move was unrelated to the statement. Read more.

Guy Ritchie Reveals How He Won Madonna Over

January 13, 2005 – Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie revealed how he won over the Material Girl in an interview with Hello magazine. “We met at lunch. She was with her boyfriend and he was sulking, and they were a few seats down in the restaurant from where I was sitting and I thought, [bleeping bleep], it’s Madonna. So I went up to her and made crap jokes,” Ritchie explained. “I think I said: ‘If you play your cards right, I’ll put you in a movie.’ She thought I was cocky and things went from there.”

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6 thoughts on “Madonna’s Dumped Chihuahuas Suffer Abuse

  1. Cabati says:

    God…I hate people who abuse animals SO much. I can say with no remorse that I hope anyone who purposely hurts an animal rots in hell. It’s just so wrong. But I’m confused, did Madonna beat the dog’s face in or what? If so, I hope she gets thrown in jail for animal cruelty (but we all know that won’t happen)

  2. TheresOnlyOneJimmyPee says:

    These sad bitches just buy these dogs (from pet stores, and therefore PUPPY MILLS), on a whim just because they feel like it, or because the last one they bought got big and was no fun anymore. so they ignore them and treat them like crap. Flopney is exactly the same. what happened to the dogs she bought a few months ago? they go missing, and she claims they’ve been sent to some school. bulls*it. more like she couldn’t be bothered anymore and dumped it somewhere. disgusting excuses for human beings.

  3. Diamond_Queen_Japonica_8 says:

    Exactly: Pets are a huge responsibility. They aren’t times that you can throw away, once you get “sick of them” like clothes…people should know better than that! Obviously, celebrities don’t.

  4. MCkiwiLamb says:

    If that’s how she treats her pets I hate to think how she treats her children. She has so much money, surely she could of taken care of them till SHE found them good homes.

  5. katty_pig says:

    I think anyone who purposely hurts/tortures/kills ANY type of animal should have the EXACT same thing happen to them. I don’t care how mean that sounds, animals are just as important as humans, I don’t understand how anyone could think that humans have any more right to live then anything else. even a fly. I hate how people kill flies and say what its only a fly. I know I’m starting to sound all preachy and goody goody, but oh well. anyway I don’t think Madonna was the one who hurt them or anything but she is just as bad for not caring about where they go.

  6. shaggynscoobyfreak says:

    That’s sad….Now, Madonna is not responsible for that. When Lourdes was born, her chihuahua got jealous and she took it to a …psychologist. She certainly really cared for her dogs and thought that they would be treated right. She must be shocked now.

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