Madonna’s Ex Trying To Auction Panties — Love Letters

News of the World reports former lover and bodyguard Jim Albright is trying to sell his sick collection panties worn by the pop star in an internet auction. Albright justified the move saying, “I’m gonna make a fortune and I have a perfect right to do what I’m doing. She may be acting like a goody-two-shoes wife and mom now, but this is the reality about her horny past. I’m not concerned about what she thinks or feels. If it upsets her, it’s too bad.” Madonna apparently is ready to send lawyers after Albright to block the move.

Inside Talks With Madonna’s Publicist

March 15, 2002 – Did you know the 20th Anniversary Box set is just a rumor? Did you know that will currently be in the studio all this up coming week, putting finishing touches on a new song due out this year? Did you know her new Bond movie song will NOT be titled after the new movie? Find out more facts on Madonna including her theatrical plans, and new movie, etc. by reading our full exclusive conversation with Liz on the latest projects and rumors surrounding Madonna. It has been posted in our new feature called “Conversation with Liz” at It’s our second public discussion with her this year. We will have another talk with our friend Liz in the next couple of weeks. Definitely a reason to keep checking back with us.

Madonna Is Doing London Play.. Not Bond Though

March 15, 2002 – The New York Post spoke with Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg who revealed the singer has agreed to sing the title song for ‘Die Another Day’, the latest James Bond flick. Liz revealed, “Madonna goes into the recording studio on Monday.” As for reports she’d appear in the film, Liz added, “MGM has offered Madonna a cameo in the film, but it conflicts with a play she is doing in London.” It had been reported earlier that Madonna had backed out of the stage gig.

Madonna Stalker Warned To Stop Or Go To Jail

March 11, 2002 – reports a 32-year-old Hertfordshire man has been warned by a judge to stop harassing Madonna or face jail time. The man admitted to bombarding the singer with flowers, jewelery and chocolates, camping outside her home and spending £15,000 on his 10-year obsession, including nine trips to America.

Madonna Pulls Out Of ‘Deceptions’

March 11, 2002 – London’s Sunday Mirror reports organizers of the West End show ‘Deceptions’ are furious over Madonna changing her mind on starring in the play. One of the producers blasted, “The theatre was booked on the provision that Madonna was in the show, and it wasn’t cheap to secure it. Some of the producers had to put their hands in their pockets in order to secure the booking.” Backers of the show are considering legal action.

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