Madonna’s Recent Hunting Fetish Doesn’t Impress

MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports Madonna’s recent admission to pheasant hunting is upsetting many of her friends including Stella McCartney. A source revealed, “Madonna’s obviously just trying to impress [hubby] Guy Ritchie with her newfound love of hunting, but she’s going to lose more friends than she makes. Obviously, Madonna’s fascination with yoga, inner peace and spirituality was just another in a long line of insincere poses.”

Leno Slams Britney, Madonna & Spice Girls

November 24, 2001 – Jay Leno joked during his Friday monologue, “According to The New York Daily News, is now in negotiations to appear in the Vagina Monologues. Boy, talk about typecasting, huh? With Madonna, it’s more like the vagina travel log, isn’t it?”

Jay then said of Britney, “Tonight was the big NSYNC special on CBS. Don’t confuse it with the one the other night. That was the lip-sync special. Did you watch that Britney Spears special on HBO? I don’t know if anybody saw it. They’re now saying her plastic surgeon could win an Emmy for Best Set Design.”

As for the Spice Girls, Leno said they were a little older to be touring now referring to reports from Baby Spice. They then showed clips of seniors citizens singing to Spice Girl music.

Guy Ritchie Insists No See Through For

November 23, 2001 – Madonna talked with Radio 1 and revealed that her husband Guy Ritchie is sounding off on her wardrobe. Madonna says, “I’m very punctual and Guy’s very unpunctual. He doesn’t like it when I wear see-through shirts. He doesn’t want anyone to see my raspberries.”

Madonna Nixed Out Of Potter Tickets

November 22, 2001 – reports Madonna was turned away was turned away from a screening of the Harry Potter film at the Marble Arch Odeon last weekend because bankers at Framlington Investment Management had booked the theater…. Luckily she phoned first.

No Support For Madonna Biographer

November 22, 2001 – The Detroit Free Press reports only 30 people showed up for the Andrew Morton biographic of Madonna in her hometown of Rochester Hills at the local Borders book store. Morton said of his book, “I tried to exalt her status. It’s a pity she took the stance she did. I took the view that she’s a considerable artist rather than a sexual amazon.”

Madonna Branded Cheap For Charity

November 20, 2001 – The New York Post reports organizers for the Art for America auction are complaining that Madonna is cheap since she’s only contributing an autographed CD towards the charity, prompting one exec to sigh, “Please!” Other stars like David Duchovny donated his signed Razor scooter. The auction takes place November 26 at Chelsea Piers in New York.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna’s Recent Hunting Fetish Doesn’t Impress

  1. pl says:

    why not be like Madonna should she’s got millions
    down a lot for others she crazy and doesn’t care what people think…

  2. AaronC says:

    epic fail Madonna, epic fail

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