Madonna’s Refusal 5 Years Ago Causes Confusion

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It has been mentioned here that Madonna apparently refused the citation of the World Music Awards (2000) as the ‘Biggest Selling Artist’ of the Millennium’. The reason why she has done that cannot be known. Thus, 2 other female artists received the honor instead of her. Madonna once said that she wanted to rule the world back in the 80’s & now she still hasn’t changed her tone. In a recent interview Madonna was asked if she has accomplished that feat & she replied no. Just recently the IFPI leaked a list of the ‘Biggest Selling Artists’ & Madonna came in 4th place. This list is by the most credible international body.

Madonna’s refusal of the World Music Awards has caused a confusion of who is really the ‘Biggest Selling Female’ of all time. Nowadays, fans endlessly bicker about his topic but if you look at their discography you could tabulate that Madonna sold a combined 275 million compared to Mariah Carey’s 230 million & Celine Dion’s 220 million. Some say is the biggest seller & some say because they received the distinction before. received the award of ‘Biggest Selling Artist’ because Elvis Presley & the Beatles aren’t present today. If only Madonna accepted the award then it would solidify what the Guinness & IFPI has confirmed.

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3 thoughts on “Madonna’s Refusal 5 Years Ago Causes Confusion

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    Yeah it is quite known that Madonna turned down that award because she felt it would be a mark of her retirement… which she said she would never do. She also alluded that the award wasn’t from a credible music award ceremony (like the Grammys) so she didn’t see the meaning of accepting such an award.

  2. popfan_23 says:

    That never happened with the World Music Awards, things like that don’t happen, that’s stupid pathetic and made up. fyi, IFPI never released a list (it’s nowhere to be found within their information) it was manufactured, and Celine has sold 212 million, not 220. and Guinness never confirmed anything, look at their article, all it says is “according to Warner Bros.” if it was confirmed they wouldn’t have to say that, because it would be a solid fact.

  3. Josh says:

    Sorry pop fan 23 but it’s a fact that Madonna is the #1 selling female artist both in certified unit sales and global sales she was paid for by Warner and Interscope

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