Madonna’s Statement On Kylie Minogue

The official ’s website – – has released Madonna’s statement on . Madonna – who lost her mother to a cancer, said, “I was saddened to learn about Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer diagnosis. I’m so grateful that they found it early…Aside from being tremendously talented, Kylie’s a fighter and I know this is a battle she will win. Let’s all pray for her speedy recovery and send all of our best wishes her way. With love and light to you Kylie…Madonna”

Australia’s PM Comments On Kylie Minogue Cancer

May 19, 2005 – Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, said all Australians felt shocked and saddened at hearing the news that Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. Howard said the diagnosis could help serve as a reminder it could happen to anyone. “A young woman, Kylie Minogue, any young woman of that age to be diagnosed with that condition – it does send a shudder through you,” he told Southern Cross radio in Brisbane. “It happens to a lot of young women – it’s a reminder because it’s a high-profile person, just how wide is the incidence of breast cancer among young women, and it just reinforces the need for women from a very early age to take all the precautions in the world to detect the condition in its early stages.”

Kyle And Jackie O’s Latest On Kylie’s Breast Cancer Battle

May 18, 2005 – Austereo syndicated DJ’s Kyle and Jackie O. discussed Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer diagnosis, with all the latest news on the situation. Included are clips of former Boyzone star Ronan Keating, who lost his mother to breast cancer, commenting on the situation, and clips from their recent interview with Minogue. The two-part segment at has since been removed.

Kylie’s ‘Neighbours’ Mom Faced Similar Breast Cancer Fight

May 18, 2005 – Anne Charleston, who played Kylie Minogue’s mother Madge Ramsay in ‘Neighbours’, tells GMTV that the news of her breast cancer diagnosis was like “a stab to the heart.” Charleston said, “If it’s diagnosed early enough, it can be treated and I think it’s a good thing that she’s in Australia with her family. They are a very close family and you do need your family around you. When I heard, it was like a stab to the heart because it happened to me at that same age. I think she’ll come through it fine. She’s very healthy generally and I’m sure she will come through it, but it’s an emotional thing having something like this because you go into the operation not knowing quite what’s going to happen.”

Madonna Considers A Facelift

May 18, 2005 – Us Weekly reports that 46-year-old Madonna is contemplating getting a facelift for the first time. “Seems she flipped when she saw her close-ups in the yet-to-be-released documentary of her last tour,” a source said. Us said that two plastic surgeons have visited her London home, and she is expected to meet with others in New York City in early June. Madonna’s rep told Jeannette Walls of “I’m not saying she would never have plastic surgery. But definitely not this week.” Read more, including news on La Toya Jackson being advised by her record label to steer clear of her brother Michael’s child molestation trial, here.

No Public Kisses For Madonna

May 16, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie held hands over a pint with pals in Mayfair’s Punch Bowl pub earlier this week. When leaving, the Material Girl, who was a bit tipsy, tried to kiss her hubby as he took her to the car, but Guy cautioned, “Not outside. I’ll give you a big kiss in the car.”

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