Madonna’s Summer Tour Demands

has been making things rough for those putting together her summer tour due to her strict demands, which include a private jet for her family and entourage (ie. Kabbalah teachers, a personal chef, and a masseuse) and a June through August time window, while her kids are on break. “Madonna has been driving concert promoters crazy,” an insider revealed to Us Weekly. Though the Material Girl may be trouble, it will be trouble well worth it, with estimates that the tour will bring in up to a whopping $150 million.

Go TeamCorpse, Anyone?

January 21, 2006 – Contributed anonymously: Crazy. Mad. Pathetic. Call it what you will, but TeamLamb (whatever it is or whether it does exist or not) has accomplished its goals, namely: 1) it helped Mariah Carey in her comeback bid . . . and how; 2) it helped make “The Emancipation of Mimi” the huge success that it is; 3) it helped MC achieve her 16th and 17th #1’s; and 4) it helped destroy the career of The Corpse (a.k.a. Madonna) — whatever is left of it.

It seem to me that the only remaining fans of The Corpse can only be found here on Popdirt….And we all know how fierce they can be! Perhaps they can translate that fierceness and zeal into something positive and profitable, say forming “TeamCorpse” and REALLY helping their poor old idol to get back on the saddle (oops…poor choice of words…) — I mean — on top.

Mariah Carey and her fans will always be a the thorn on and her fans’ side. We lambs are a constant threat and challenge to them. Many times, we have destroyed what little their idol has accomplished through our loyal and serious support to MC. The challenge for them is this: The Lambs have successfully put their idol on top. Can TeaMCorpse do the same? I guess the sad results of the “Confessions on a Dancefloor” effort will tell the story. Numbers do not lie. Wake up, sleepers!

Madonna’s ‘Sorry’ Video Theme

January 20, 2006 – A reporter from BBC’s Radio 1 had attended Madonna’s ‘Sorry’ video shoot and that the theme is apparently this major dance off between in one cage and another dancer in another cage. It is like a sequel to ‘Hung Up’. Madonna’s hair and style is exactly the same, but this time she’s in a white leotard and clad in diamonds.

Friends Worry Madonna’s Taking Fitness Regimen Too Far

January 18, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports Madonna’s friends are worried that the singer is going too far with her exercise and dieting. “She looks way too thin,” one insider said. “It’s scary. Everyone around her is buzzing that she’s working herself right into exhaustion.”

Madonna Stops Daughter From ‘Harry Potter’ Audition

January 18, 2006 – The Daily Star reports that Madonna is stopping her 9-year-old daughter Lourdes from joining hundreds of other girls who tried out for the role of Luna Lovegood in new movie ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. “Lola printed off all the information and showed it to her mum,” an insider revealed. “She’s convinced she has the other-worldly qualities Warner Brothers are looking for. But Madonna pointed out they’re looking for girls aged between 13 and 16, so she is much too young.”

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