‘Maid In Manhattan’ Premiere Photos

Jennifer Lopez, Mis-Teeq, and Pop Idol Sarah Whatmore were amongst the stars on hand at the UK premiere of ‘Maid in Manhatten’ at the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday (February 26) in London, England.

J.Lo Arrives At Met Hotel For Quick Clothing Change

February 27, 2003 – was spotted arriving at the Met hotel for a quick change of clothes after the premiere of her film ‘Maid in Manhattan’ in London on Wednesday (February 26). J.Lo then went out to dinner and made her way to Mezzo for the after-party.

J.Lo Uses 6 Limos For 100 Yard Trip

February 27, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports used six limousines to travel from one exclusive London hotel to another equally upscale hotel — a distance of about 100 yards. “No one could understand why they didn’t just walk,” a hotel guest said.

The Jen Commandments

February 27, 2003 – The Sun reports that has been anything like the humble chambermaid she portrayed in ‘Maid in Manhattan’, which premiered in London last night, during her stay. Amongst the ‘Jen Commandments’ given to the Metropolitan hotel: “Thou shalt wait on my score of minions hand and foot … Thou shalt only serve my entourage £260-a-bottle Cristal Champagne … Thou shalt install a private gym in mine penthouse suite.”

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