Man Hurls Abuse At Janet Jackson About Her Brother

turned violent after a man approached her with a verbal assault about her brother at Concord Club in Los Angeles. “Janet was having a night out with her friends and was just minding her own business in the VIP section,” a source revealed to The Mirror. “All of a sudden this guy came over to her and started screaming, ‘Your brother’s a fu**ing freak’, and a barrage of other hurtful insults. She suddenly lost her composure and lunged towards him. It all looked as though it was about to kick off when security dragged the guy out of the club. He was screeching more insults on his way out and Janet was really spooked by the whole incident. He definitely ruined her night.”

Janet Jackson’s New Single/Upcoming Remix Album

July 23, 2004 – reports that the legendary Tony Moran has remixed Janet’s next single, ‘R&B Junkie’. The mix which stands at 9 minutes and 30 seconds is “very good – very straightforward and complementary to Janet’s vocals”, according to the fan site. The remix will be featured on an upcoming ‘Greatest Remixes’ project soon to be released.

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3 thoughts on “Man Hurls Abuse At Janet Jackson About Her Brother

  1. grey says:

    we all have our own opinions but there was no need to have a go at Janet about Micheal and how would you feel if it was your brother/sister was being slagged of in front of you- wouldn’t you react?

  2. spotty says:

    Even if it turns out MJ is guilty that’s not Janet’s fault. When people turn on the family of persons who have done something that’s really not right or fair. That’s just like this Mark Hacking. If it turns out he did kill his wife should people then hate and turn on his parents and family. Think about it kids.

  3. Vanity87 says:

    That is just so ignorant! Like an earlier post said, everyone has their opinion but to insult somebody’s family esp. in the way that he did is just childish. Of course Janet is gonna lash out at him, that’s her brother. I would’ve beat his ass! This world is just fool of ignorant people.

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