Manatee Spears

‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ featured another segment on their new web site on Monday night. “We have a lot of show to do tonight, but I must mention this,” O’Brien said. “It was just in the news. This is a true story. A guy named Ruben Garay, the guy who runs that Britney Spears’ number one fan website, He’s been running it for years. He’s a huge fan of hers. He just decided to shut down Britney’s site. It’s been in the papers. It’s been in the magazines. He wants to shut it down. He’s taking this drastic measure because of Britney’s recent behavior. He said, ‘It’s very hard to maintain the respect needed to keep things going.’ So he decided to shut the site down. Obviously, this is a tragedy for all of the fans who depend on the Britney site for information and news. [Laughter] We wanted to reach out to these poor Britney fans who no longer have a website to call their own. It just so happens that we at ‘Late Night’ have an amazing website of our own that has received over 16 million hits, and it’s always looking for ways to expand. I’m talking, of course, about Yeah. Now, currently — 16 million hits. I don’t even know what that means. Currently, this site is filled with the web’s hottest manatee pictures. Now, folks, here is why I think Britney’s fans will like It turns out the manatee and Britney are a lot alike. That’s right. For instance, here’s a picture of the Horny Manatee passing out at a New Year’s Eve party, right there. Here’s the Horny Manatee dropping her baby. It happens — the baby’s fine. And here’s the manatee without her pant-a-tees.”

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