Mandy And Shane Were Uncomfortable Kissing In ‘Walk’ (WENN) reports again felt uncomfortable doing a kissing scene, in this case with ‘A Walk To Remember’ co-star Shane West. “The first day we met,” she said. “Both our exes were there and neither of us were in a good mood. But I gave her a big hug – I knew we had to do the scenes right away where our characters were really into each other, so I wanted us to get on.”

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One thought on “Mandy And Shane Were Uncomfortable Kissing In ‘Walk’

  1. The Matchmaker says:

    please!. At least they should feel something for each other and please guys you two should get married for me because am sick of cancer and the only thing left to make me happy is you getting married at least I will die with a smile knowing that you two are happy. Please make my wish come true *Shandy*

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