Mandy Approves Of ‘Mandy Skater Boi’

A fan posted the lyrics to ‘Mandy Skater Boi’, which even got a “hahahahahahahahahaha” from Mandy herself. The song references boyfriend Andy Roddick and ex-beau Wilmer Valderrama. JustAnotherFan writes:

And Andy’s an idiot
But Mandy’s not getting it
She needs to come back down to earth
5 years from now
She sits at home
Feeding the baby she’s all alone
She turns on TV
Guess who she sees
Wilmer still acting in comedies
She gets in her benz
She’s ready to go
She’s going down to the tv studio
Stands in the crowd
Looks up at the man that she turned down
Andy’s a moron boy she said i like moron boys
He wasn’t good enough for her
They had a baby but then Andy got shady
Does your pretty face regret that birth?

Don’t Like Bad Boys No More

November 4, 2002 – had scans of Mandy on the issue of Bliss magazine. Mandy tells the magazine, “I used to quite like bad boys. It’s that instant attraction thing, knowing that there’s always going to be the chasing ’cause he’s not completely attainable, and that’s always going to keep you interested. Now though, I’d prefer someone who’s honest and genuine, rather than someone who’s going to emotionally exhaust me because I can’t figure him out.”

Mandy Moore Debunks Album Detail Claims

November 1, 2002 – Mandy exposed the ongoing fraud of some delusional fans claiming to have an “official” Mandy message board with details on the singer’s new album. Mandy said, “Hahaha!! That has to be one of the funniest posts I have ever read on the board. ‘Adelaide’s Lament’? ‘From Guys and Dolls’. Sure, you guys know I love my musical theatre and I have definite aspirations to make to Broadway, but don’t expect any of it on a regular album. None of what is written below is true. I had recorded one song, and one song only thus far. When I return home in the next few days, I will begin recording 3 new songs. I can’t wait actually! Also, I am working with only one producer this time. Sadly, there is no Gregg Alexander involved or release date planned. Trust me enough to keep you guys up to date with everything that happens, not some silly info form the internet lol.” Sensing his gig was up, Red Hot Boom Mandy claimed that the person posting as Mandy on her official site isn’t really her.

Fan Meets Mandy Moore In Canada

October 30, 2002 – A fan on Mandy’s official website met the singer in Canada earlier this month. Cathy (aka Crushcandle) writes, “Knowing the hugging person I am, I hugged her She hugged me back..hehe. We got pictures and autographs and everything. I asked her to sign some autographs for you, and surprisingly, she knew who Angela was, When I asked her to sign it for her she was like ‘good ol’ angela’ I WAS LIKE COOL, hehe. This was around the time people were calling her back, and shes like ‘2.5 seconds’ hehe! I feel so special and hyper now. hehe! I feel I’ve accomplished a lot of stuff today… Mandy, I LOVE U!”

Mandy Moore Was Beyond Tired Hosting TRL

October 29, 2002 – Mandy checked in with fans after her guest hosting on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday, where she revealed what was written on her t-shirt that was covered by a pink jacket, and why she kept getting tongue-tied. “Awww…. Thanks for watching,” Mandy said. “I was beyond tired (flew all night from LA and arrived this morning to start my day) and my brain and mouth weren’t working together for some reason. Big boo. Oh well. I had a blast and the audience was great. Cool music too. That eminem song/video is insane. Wow! Oh and ps: my shirt said ‘Can’t stand losing’. I wonder who that was for lol?” Perhaps it was for her tennis star boyfriend Andy Roddick.

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