Mandy Loves Her Crooked Teeth

admitted to fans on her official site message board that her teeth aren’t perfect. Mandy says, “Yes! My bottom teeth are a bit crooked… but you know what? I love my teeth. I don’t care, and I do think crooked teeth give someone character. But who knows one day when I am an adult, I will fix them. But I am in now rush right now.”

Mandy Changes Hair Color

October 16, 2001 – revealed on her official site message board today that she’s got a new hair color. Mandy says, “Well sorry to disappoint all of you but i am a brunette right now. I love it (it’s different from ‘Walk to Remember’ [film that Mandy just finished shooting] not supposed to be “cutting edge/fashionable). I feel like a new girl, but i will back to my other self soon, but not too soon.”

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