Mandy Moore Admits Short Romance With Billy Crawford

A fan asked on her official site’s message board if she had dated Billy Crawford, who had sung the Pokemon theme song. Mandy replied, “Talk about bringing the past up. LOL. Yes. we met on the tour. I was 15, he was 17. It only lasted for a few weeks. What a talented singer he is.”

Hits TV Tonight & Monday

March 2, 2002 – Mandy will be on the cast of Nickelodeon’s “All That” which will broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon. Then on Monday, Mandy will perform some of the theater’s most heralded musical numbers at 8:00 PM on Bravo TV. Finally, CBS will re-air Mandy’s interview with Craig Kilborn on the Late Late Show on Thursday.

Mandy Moore Online Chat Monday

March 1, 2002 – Contributed by KKtwins: Mandy will join fans for an online chat on Monday, March 4. If you’d like to pose a question, or just chill out and spend some time with her, get yourself to at 4PM (ET).

Mandy Sings Praises Of ‘Walk…’ Director Adam Shankman

February 24, 2002 – Mandy Moore gave her thoughts on working with Adam Shankman in ‘A Walk To Remember’ when posed the question on her official site’s message board Sunday. Mandy said, “Adam gave me an opportunity to do something that most people would not have even thought of. He could be one of most passionate, honest, hard-working. and loving people I have ever met in my 17 years. He helped me a great deal with ‘Walk…’ and I would absolutely love to work with him again. We had the best time ever in shooting Wilmington, and even to this day, we are still good friends.”

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5 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Admits Short Romance With Billy Crawford

  1. angela says:

    ahmm its ok/but it takes many past years for that relation but shane west talaga bagay ni mandy moore like the movie a walk to remember.

  2. cheryl says:

    I loved a walk to remember and Chasing liberty and because I said so/ I hope to see Shane West and Mandy Moore work
    Together again. I love your songs Crush on you, Cry and Have a little Faith. And Only hope etc. You have a great voice. Keep singing and recording _In response to a .comment I read by Mandy,
    I know faith is private but I pray Mandy, that you discover in Time that Jesus is the only right answer. I know you are a sweet person and I am a person that just cares about the stars I love. Ignore negative people. They just wish they had your talent. God bless you

  3. samia says:

    Mandy moore and shane love them both!!. we wish to work in the movie again fr. Phils:-D

  4. samia says:

    Mandy moore and shane west they are cute couple!. :-* :-) A walk to remember was the most romantic movie ever!!.

  5. Rhonda Powell says:

    Too bad Shane and Mandy didn’t date off screen, for they make a cute couple. My husband and I frequently go to Wilmington about 2-3 times a month. This past weekend when we were in Wilmington and we made it a point to find Mandy and her dad(Peter Coyote,s) house(during filming a Walk to Remember). It looked the same and the swing was still there. We walked after that, to the Alley way where Jamie(Mandy Moore) told Landon (Shane West) she had cancer. It looked the same, exactly! On the way back home to Myrtle Beach, we went a different way, to South Port, so we could find the Church Jamies dad preached at, and the Grave Yard (Smithville Burial Grounds) where a lot of scenes with Jamie showing Landon the telescope. The church where they were married was off limits(Orton Plantation) because someone recently purchased it. The Burial Grounds was famous for the old graves, dating back to the 1700& 1800 years, and Jamies house was also an Historical Place, sign and all. All these scenes were supposed to be in Beauford N.C. It was great!

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