Mandy Moore Album Update

Mandy Moore posted a message to fans on her official website. “Hey there, on a lunch break right now from a writing session with the amazing Rachael Yamagata,” Moore writes. “Rachael is one of the coolest people I have ever met and I am so lucky to be working with someone this talented. For those of you unfortunate ones who don’t know about her, go and check out ‘Happenstance’ … NOW! Amazing, amazing record and she has another one in the works. Anyway, the record is coming along great… About 15 songs written and recorded with a few more to go. The whole writing process for me has become one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. So far, I have collaborated with Adam Duritz, Michelle Branch, Lori McKenna (the AMAZING Lori McKenna! – going back east to work with her again this coming week), and James Renald. I am getting so psyched to put this record out and hit the road for the first time in a LONG time. The live aspect of this record is gonna be so great to take on the road!”

“I just finished filming the Richard Kelly movie, ‘Southland Tales’, here in L.A. and am waiting to see which project is next. There are so many steps to films getting greenlit that I’ve learned to just take it day by day and I just figure I’ll hear when its time to show up for work.

“In the meantime, my life remains pretty uneventful. Going to the gym, being with friends and loving the Spanish Latte at Urth Caf?ere in L.A…

“Hope this finds you all well. Continued good thoughts to all those trying to rebuild your lives down in Louisiana.

Xo. MM”

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