Mandy Moore & Andy Roddick ‘Deal’ With Her Kissing Scenes

Entertainment Tonight spoke with about her kissing scenes in ‘How to Deal’, her latest film out July 18th. “The boyfriend is not really happy to watch me kiss a boy on-screen,” the singer said, referring to her tennis star boyfriend Andy Roddick. “But it is part of my job!” In any event, she says the kissing really was serious business. “Kissing scenes are very awkward and very choreographed,” she explained. “People don’t realize that!”

Mandy Moore Covers Joni Mitchell’s ‘Help Me’

July 6, 2003 – Mandy has posted another clip from her forthcoming ‘Coverage’ album at This time Mandy tackles the Joni Mitchell classic ‘Help Me’. She writes, “I was a little worried at first about covering this, because… well, because… she is Joni Mitchell! I think personally this is one of the songs I wanted to do most, because it was what I was feeling very much in my life and it was personally what I related to most lyrically. I really debated about doing a Joni song but ‘Help Me’ just got under my skin. I’d been humming it around the house and just finally gave into.” The audio has since been removed.

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