Mandy Moore Calls Britney Spears’ Annulment Weird & Unfunny

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to promote her new film ‘Chasing Liberty’, which is out on Friday. Mandy was asked about her Holidays, skydiving, boyfriend Andy Roddick, her mangled toenail which is now covered by a fake, she did a Q&A segment on ID’ing U.S. currency, and even commented on Britney Spears’ annulment over the weekend. Mandy said, “It is me or is it kind of weird? I don’t see how that’s a funny joke, like let’s go get married. I don’t want to judge someone.” Read on for a transcript.

TRL: She may be a big movie star now, but she’s always part of the MTV family. Ladies and gentlemen, this is ms. Mandy Moore.

[ Cheers and applause ] Come on over here. First guest to the window in 2004 too. Wow! First of all, happy new year.

Mandy: Happy new year.

TRL: Where were you for new year’s?

Mandy: I was in Florida with some friends and stuff, hanging out.

TRL: Were you with Andy Roddick?

Mandy: Yeah, I was with my boy.

TRL: Okay. I read this morning that he’s getting his own reality television show. Is this true?

Mandy: It’s not. I think it was some sort of documentary that was going to follow around a bunch of him and his buddies on the circuit and it kind of snowballed into a reality TV show. So it’s not happening.

TRL: It’s not happening?

Mandy: It became like a rumor, but, yeah, not happening.

TRL: What about this, because this could be as well a rumor. You went sky diving with Andy?

Mandy: I did, but about a year ago.

TRL: Tell us about that.

Mandy: Well, not too many people know. I loved it. I have gone twice with him, and I went with he parents the first time. Which was really cool because my parents are a bit of a daredevils, I guess.

TRL: Like I told my parents I was going to do it, and they wouldn’t let me go. It’s funny they went — that you went with them.

Mandy: It’s amazing, if you haven’t done it, it’s the hugest rush of adrenaline.

TRL: Did you pay the $75 to get the video footage?

Mandy: You have to get the video footage, it’s a total ripoff, but you need it.

TRL: We’ll do it in the middle of the screen.

Mandy: Me with my cheeking flapping. Yeah, very attractive.

[Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Hey, you guys, welcome back to TRL. Damien here, chillin’ out with Mandy Moore. Kicking off another amazing week here in New York City. We have an update on Britney’s wedding coming up. Britney got married. Did you hear about that?

Mandy: I heard about that.

TRL: And B2K’s possible breakup. We’re talking with Mandy Moore and let’s talk of the new movie, of course, “Chasing Liberty”.

Mandy: Yes.

TRL: When is this in theaters?

Mandy: I’m sorry?

TRL: You did a movie.

Mandy: Yeah.

TRL: When is it theaters?

Mandy: January 9th, this Friday. Go check it out.

TRL: You play a daughter of the President of the United States.

Mandy: I do.

TRL: Was it hard to get into character? Did you have — how do you understand a character like the president’s daughter?

Mandy: I think she’s like every every 18-year-old. She’s craving a semblance of freedom and finding a sense of self too. But I could find the parallels in terms of being in the public eye and having your life scrutinized and whatnot. So that was really easy to relate there.

TRL: Very diplomatic of you. A very presidential answer there. There’s a lot of falling in love going on in the movie. You, the secret service agents is this a romantic comedy for girls or guys?

Mandy: For everyone and I’m a girl and I’m a romantic. So this is my first, so I’m inclined to say that the girls will like it and the guy that’s in the film is so gorgeous. His name is Matthew Goode.

[ Cheers and applause ] He’s so hot. He’s a British actor, and this is his first film. He is so charming and charismatic. I fall in love with him in the film, so i think I will too.

TRL: What does Andy think about that? You have a boyfriend! Did you go bungee jumping, because in the film you did. Did you?

Mandy: Our character goes bungee jumping in the film. They wouldn’t let us for insurance purposes or whatnot.

TRL: You went skydiving.

Mandy: But bungee jumping was not that big of a deal. But they wouldn’t let us.

TRL: Here’s a clip of Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode bungee jumping here.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Wow!

Mandy: Damn, I wanted to do that!

TRL: That’s awesome.

Mandy: I know.

TRL: Therein you had some extreme Doritos and you made it a day!

Mandy: Absolutely.

TRL: Let’s talk of Britney Spears for a second. What’s your take on her getting married thing?

Mandy: It is me or is it kind of weird? I don’t see how that’s a funny joke, like let’s go get married. I don’t want to judge someone.

TRL: But marriage is a very serious thing?

Mandy: To me it is. I don’t see how it’s a joke. Not to diss someone.

TRL: Can I tell you it was a drive-through thing? No, talk about it later on.

Mandy: That makes it a little worse.

TRL: More with Mandy on the way. And a challenge on how well she knows her dead presidents. This is uplifting. Here is Kelis and “Milkshake.”

Mandy: I love this song!

[ Cheers and applause ]


TRL: There’s video number seven, Good Charlotte and “Hold On.” Your new movie, “Chasing Liberty,” you play the president’s daughter. We talked about that for a little bit.

Mandy: We did.

TRL: We figured you had to do studying for your role.

Mandy: Nothing. No research.

TRL: Well, it doesn’t show.

Mandy: Went into it blindly.

TRL: So we have a little bit of a presidential history quiz. We kind of flipped it and made it We’ll see how well you know the presidents on U.S. Currency. For every one you get wrong, get to ask you a juicy question.

Mandy: So much pressure.

TRL: We like juicy questions. We’re calling it “Mandy’s Money.” Here we go. Who is on the $5 bill?

Mandy: Lincoln.

TRL: That’s absolutely correct. Yes. President from 1861 do 1865. Who is on the $20 bill?

Mandy: Andrew Jackson.

TRL: That’s correct. 1829 do 1837 he served.

Mandy: Oh, yeah, I could have told you that too. Not.

TRL: Okay. This is more difficult. You don’t see many of these. The $50 bill? The $50 bill.

Mandy: anyone want to help? I don’t know.

TRL: It’s Ulysses S. Grant.

Mandy: Of course.

TRL: But you knew Andrew Jackson was president from ’29 to ’37.

Mandy: I know I forgot Grant.

TRL: That’s one juicy question we get to ask. This is not a trick question. The $2 bill?

Mandy: I think it — is it Benjamin Franklin?

TRL: It’s not, no. But he did —

Mandy: No, Thomas Jefferson? Sorry. I was thinking of the $100 bill.

TRL: It’s two juicy questions right there. And —

Mandy: Now I’m just a dork.

TRL: This one you’ll get. The 50 cent piece? 50 cent? The 50 cent piece?

Mandy: There’s no 50 cent piece.

TRL: There is one.

Mandy: What?

TRL: Is that wrong?

Mandy: I’m such a dumb dumb.

TRL: You have three wrong. Which means — actually, it was John F. Kennedy 1961 to ’63. You never saw it?

Mandy: I have, but not since I was in fourth grade or something. Okay. I’m tired. Does that help? I need a nap.

TRL: Three juicy questions with Mandy Moore is coming up. We’ll get the juice on her. We have the world premiere from on the way. Stick around. More TRL on a Monday is coming up.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Welcome back to New York City. Times square. Your TRL is on for a Monday. Another big week happening here. We have the rest of your top ten on the way. It was Damien chilling out with Mandy Moore. You know, before the break we quizzed yes on your president, on U.S. Currency.

Mandy: And I failed horribly.

TRL: Yeah, you got three out of five or something. You got three wrong, and the deal was as many of you get wrong we get to ask you some questions.

Mandy: Do you want to redo the math? I’m just kidding.

TRL: Personal questions here. So three personal questions, a littler in vous?

Mandy: A little bit.

TRL: You were sweating it out backstage. What went through your mind the first time you and your boyfriend, Andy Roddick, kissed?

Mandy: That’s really personal!

TRL: Yeah, if you’re Martha Stewart, it’s not a bad question.

Mandy: He’s a great kisser. I like his lips.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: That’s what you thought?

Mandy: Yeah.

TRL: So you’re kissing him and you’re like I like his lips.

Mandy: I like his lips.

TRL: The most embarrassing moment on a date?

Mandy: I’m not going to show it to you, but I have a really mangled toenail. I dropped a suitcase on it in the summer. It fell off.

TRL: You have to show it.

Mandy: Well, I have a fake toenail on top of it. Do you want to see a fake toenail? That’s fake. The big one.

TRL: That’s not even her real toe. This is plastic.

Mandy: No, it’s prosthetic toe.

TRL: This one right here?

Mandy: That’s my little tattoo?

TRL: What happened with the tattoo?

Mandy: I got it with Jack Osbourne a couple of weeks ago. But that’s a whole other story.

TRL: Have you ever —

Mandy: I’m going to stand here lopsided. So anyway, I have worn open-toed shoes on dates without thinking of my nasty, crusted, half a toenail. So that’s embarrassing.

TRL: Can you put the shoe back on?

Mandy: Oh, it smells, I’m sorry.

TRL: Just kidding.

TRL: Here’s another one — has the word marriage ever come up in a conversation between you and Andy?

Mandy: No.

TRL: That’s it, guys. Mandy, thank you very much for stopping by.

Mandy: I’m 19.

TRL: Always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you very much

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