Mandy Moore Chooses Her On-Screen Butt Double

MTV News caught up with in London where she talked about choosing the butt double for her forthcoming movie featuring her character going skinny dipping. “There were about 10 pictures that came to me in a little manila folder,” Moore explained the day before production moved to Prague. “I flipped through them. They were all girls standing facing the wall in bikinis and high heels. So I had to pick one, which was weird. I had [my] boyfriend and a couple of other guys look at them. … I decided to go with the one I thought looked the most like me from behind.” She added, laughing, “I shouldn’t be doing that. I can’t be objective about women’s behinds.” Read more, including Mandy’s comments on her forthcoming ‘Coverage’ album, here.

Mandy Moore On The Cover Of Seventeen

June 30, 2003 – Mandy is featured on the cover of Seventeen magazine’s new back to school issue, which hypes her “totally wild and racy to-do list.”

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