Mandy Moore ‘Coverage’ Review

Mandy Moore 'Coverage' album cover

Reviewer: Tabitha

1. Senses Working Overtime
A nice way to start the CD. Her voice is really sweet and this is a very addictive song with a nice beat.

2. The Whole of the Moon
My goodness, I had never heard this song. It is so beautiful…I was really impressed with this. It’s my favorite song on the whole album.

3. Can We Still Be Friends
All the ladalaladodoediums make this song sound really pretty to me…but might be annoying to others. Anyways, I think the song is really nice.

4. I Feel the Earth Move
Nice…but nothing to brag about.

5. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Very nice…sounds like something good to listen to when you’re trying to relax. It’s an song, so of course it’s good! I think Elton should be proud of Mandy’s rendition.

6. Drop the Pilot
This song makes NO sense to me but it is SO fun! Drop the monkey! hehe!

7. Moonshadow
This is beautiful. Every time I hear it I feel like jumping into a white dress and going to dance in the forest. *blush*

8. One Way or Another
Nice rendition, Mandy! I really like it. Mandy sounds so bad and so sweet at the same time! Hehe. BUT parents might not like this song cause of course they are all about originals these days. *rolls eyes*

9. Breaking Us In Two

10. Anticipation
*Yawns again*

11. Help Me
Yeah, this album has a real bore streak and this one is included…

12. Have a Little Faith in Me
Real nice and beautiful. *Cries*

Overall, out of 12 stars, this album gets 8.
And we have 4 duds.
…. So YES it is worth it!

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