Mandy Moore Dating Ryan Adams, Mom Confuses Him With Bryan Adams

Star magazine reports left her mother Stacy confused after revealing that she’s dating Ryan Adams, with mom thinking Mandy was dating the 48-year-old singer Bryan Adams. “She told Mandy she loves his song ‘Summer of ’69,'” a source said. But 24-year-old Mandy explained that while they’re both singers, Ryan’s closer to her age at 33.

Mandy’s mom better not make that mistake again if the Tennessean’s report in 2002 was true. The newspaper said Ryan went ballistic after a fan in the crowd jokingly shouted out a request for ‘Summer of ’69’. Ryan started spewing expletives and ordered the house lights be turned on. Ryan then asked the audience to point out the offender, pulled $30 of ticket refund money from his wallet and gave the money to the fan, ordered the fan to leave and said he would not play another note until the the guy left.

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