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Contributed anonymously: sent out the following message to all those on her fanclub mailing list.


I am so sorry I have been out of touch recently. I have been finishing the album and preparing for a 3 month jaunt to Europe to shoot a new film in London, Prague and Venice. HOWEVER… the album is finished! Mixed, sequenced, mastered and ready to go into production for an early August single release and then a September album release.

Coverage is something so special to me. Something I could not be more proud of. A project that is full of passion like I’ve never experienced before. I can’t tell you how sincere I am about that. It is a compilation of some of the most incredible music I have ever heard in my life and the fact that I got to record these songs is still unimaginable to me.

I want you all to be involved in this record. So badly. I want you to hear it early. I want you to hear these twelve songs that should not go unheard by anyone…EVER! Clips from three of the songs will be posted on tomorrow, so be sure and check the site!!

Also, this Saturday, I’ll be joining the cast of Mad TV for a sketch on Fox, so if you get the chance, tune in for the fun! The show airs at 11PM (check your local listings).

I will be continuing to bring you up to date on what is happening in terms of the set up of this record as well as adding more and more music to the site in the coming weeks. This is a big step for me, this record. I continue to want to bring challenges not just to myself but to all of you who continue to support as well as inspire me with your enthusiasm and love for great music.

Lots and lots of love,

Mandy Moore Distances Herself From Bubblegum Pop

April 18, 2003 – Mandy chatted with Blender about her fourth album ‘Coverage’, which takes her in a different musical direction, something she apparently wanted to do all along. “It felt like everyone I was working with on my other albums was against me,” she said. “I didn’t like the songs [from my last album].” The new album sees her cover music from before she was born, such as ‘Drop the Pilot’ by Joan Armatrading and ‘Whole of the Moon’ by the Waterboys. “The idea was to present these songs in a way my age group can relate to,” she said.

Mom Helped Mandy Moore and Andy Roddick

April 16, 2003 – Last night’s episode of ‘Fake I.D. Club Junior’ saw Mandy needing some help from her mom with that first hookup with her current beau tennis star Andy Roddick. “I had seen Andy’s picture in magazine,” Mandy explained. “And thought he was cute. And so I wanted to go meet him. I figured while I was up there they were having a tennis tournament.” But she had to enlist her mother to make the first move. “I was working that day and I sent her to one of his matches. I said, you bring him, you bring Andy back to the set with you because I want to meet him.” Mandy’s mom said, “Great, like he’s going to want to meet some old fart.” But mom’s cupid attempt paid off. “We really hit it off after my mom brought him to me and we’ve been dating ever since. I was the ballsy chick for once.”

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3 thoughts on “Mandy Moore E-mail Update

  1. Marian Gheorghe Mihia says:

    hello my name is Mike and I am from Romania
    I have 23 year and I study on college
    This blog is great but not have media or video
    My ID messenger is Mihaia1985 on yahoo messenger

  2. Jose says:

    Hi Mandy, I’m from Spain and I knew you when I was watching your film Chasing Liberty, in my language “Deseando libertad”. My life is not easy at this moment and always put that film and make me happier. is like my dream go around Europe with a nice girl like you and forget everything because I’m free. thanks for read this and sorry about my English.

  3. lucysnake says:

    Hello Mandy..:-*… I’m from Romania..listen up… I’m a big fan of you and I love so much,,and I love you voice,and I love how did you play in A walk to remember..i cry :((…my id messenger is lucysnake…if you want to add I implore you…please :-* :X:X:X please !!!! :(… I love you :-* Remember…Love is like a wind…you cannot see him :(..but you can feel it :(( please add me..i love :-*

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